Banner Printing - A Cost Effective Way to Convey Your Message TNT Signs and Graphics Santa RosaYou’d think that thousands of companies embracing digital marketing would crowd out traditional forms of print advertising but, in fact, technology has made both stronger.

Print and Digital Going Strong

Both print advertising and digital marketing have benefited over the last decade from economies of scale, improved printing software and greater collaboration between advertisers and the clients they serve.

In other words, they’re not going to be renaming Main Street “Silicon Valley Drive” anytime soon. This is a tale of two successful, yet distinct, advertising mediums.

The fact is that as long as there are online storefronts and brick-and-mortar stores there will always be a place for digital marketing (e.g., social media advertising) and print advertising (e.g., banner printing).

This is all to say that it’s time to recover that crumpled print design from the trash, scan it and send it off to designers who know how to put it to use.

The Cost Effectiveness of Banner Printing

So, what the heck is this “economies of scale” business and how does it apply to banner printing? Contrary to popular opinion, economies of scale is not a strategy board game but…

Economies of Scale and Banner Printing

The concept of economies of scale refers to the cost advantages that large printers get due to the volume of print advertising materials that they make for their clients.

More ambitious printers know how to accommodate large orders and often do most of their printing in-house, which cuts down on costs associated with shipping and supplying premium inks and durable, vinyl banners.

The good news is that a lot of these savings are passed onto your company in the form of huge savings on discounted bulk orders. It simply makes sense for the printer to accommodate large orders, and it also makes sense for individual business owners to benefit from the added exposure.

Economies of scale also means that you’re not dealing with the sometimes-reliable, dinky printers from the 1990s. Print shops that cater to clients who want potentially hundreds of banners quickly printed off use wide-format printers. The local chain print shop might not even have that.

Use and Repurpose

Because print shops make banners on durable vinyl, you’ll also be able to use banners at your brick-and-mortar location, trade shows or during (recurring) monthly sales.

The same ability to reuse print advertising materials – and, therefore, save money over the long term – can’t also be said for advertising campaigns that use cheap, uncoated paper. The fact is that banner prints last a long time, and they’re calibrated to fit your budget and needs from the start.

Banners can run many yards wide and be equally long to fit the front of your store (outdoor use) or the area over your checkout. Even if you need a year-round window decal to lure in customers, there’s definitely a banner up to the task.

Banner Printing – Versatile Print Advertising

Banners are arguably the most versatile form of print advertising based on the fact that you can have any size – usually from one foot to ten feet or more in width – and the option of getting simplex (one-sided) or duplex (two-sided) prints.

Duplex prints make the most sense when foot traffic, or the regular kind, runs in both directions and customers see both sides of the banner print. In most cases, you’re effectively doubling your exposure by getting a duplex print.

Especially if you decide to go with a different print on each side, duplex banner prints work well as window banners since you’re catering to both sets of customers (i.e., those in and those you want in) at the same time. A win-win-win.