Vinyl banner printing is a very useful and colorful way to get your message across. It is important to note that digital printing has opened up whole new worlds for companies looking to cost-efficiently get their message across to their audiences in an attention-grabbing – yet relevant and timely – way. That’s what good advertising is all about.

Advances in digital printing technology go far beyond what screen printing could ever do since with digital you don’t need a new screen every time you want to incorporate another color into your design.

Digital allows you to print on almost any medium imaginable, including wide-format vinyl prints designed to grab peoples’ attention and not let go.

You can do all of this affordably, and your eventual vinyl banners will be eye-catching, open to millions of different colors and your creative design ideas, and durable enough even for rugged outdoor conditions. Forget about colors fading on you and giving the front of your store an unexpected running-letters Halloween effect!

Full-Color Vinyl Banner Printing Is Eye Catching Sign Servant CA

Does Color Matter in Marketing and Advertising?

You bet it does. In fact, recent research shows that 90 percent of quick decisions that customers make about your products are based solely on the color of your marketing materials. This means that picking the right color for the job and choosing a high-gloss vibrant vinyl banner is absolutely in the best interest of your growth.

It’s also been shown that the effectiveness of your advertising, as perceived by customers, is really driven by the appropriateness of the colors you choose. How can you really know the right color from the wrong color, though? What should make the final cut for your vinyl banners?

You clearly want to convey a consistent branding image to your customers and not necessarily deviate too much from your other marketing materials when you collaborate with designers in drawing up the rough draft of wide-format vinyl banners.

That said, there’s a lot of evidence from social psychology that people respond to certain colors in ways that can give a shot in the arm to your marketing.

Different Strokes for Different Fol…Companies

Color in your advertising affects your audience’s mood and how likely people are to go with your brand over a competitor’s. That’s because colors used in vinyl prints positively impact everything from your brand recognition, potential readership, and the level of comprehension that people walk away with.

Since an evolving field known as “color psychology” also shows that certain colors work best to put people in an optimistic, goal-oriented mood, you’ll definitely want to use some of those colors in your vinyl prints.

Specifically, the color red is associated with a sense of urgency, so that would be great to use on vibrant vinyl banners aimed at wrangling more foot traffic through the door (e.g., a marquee banner over your store’s front) or a vinyl banner advertising a clearance sale. You want your customers in both cases to quickly get the message and take decisive action – in other words, you want to get noticed and close the deal.

Red’s great for doing that. If you want to create more optimism and a sense of carpe diem in everyone who sees your banners, then you might want to go with oranges and yellows since both of these sunny colors can get people in gear. Both of those colors would be awesome for turning window shoppers into new customers.

Digital Printing Your Full-Color Vinyl Banner Printing

We all know that certain colors inspire us more than others. And since you can inspire your audience with wide-format, vibrant colors banners, why wouldn’t you? Vinyl banners increase brand recognition, the size of your audience, and the amount of window shoppers who become loyal customers so contact us today and take advantage.