Finding a Banner Printing Company for New Marketing TNT Signs and Graphics Santa RosaWhat type of banner printing company are you using? It’s incredibly important that you hire an amazing company for this. Messing around and hiring a bad banner printing company would be an insanely huge mistake!

What’s the big deal about hiring a banner printing company anyway? They’re just banners right?

WRONG. Your banner is an extremely important part of your outbound marketing campaign. A bunch of words on a big piece of paper isn’t good enough for them to function well in this role. Here is why:

Graphic quality

You spend a lot of time creating your logo, developing your banner message, etc. Don’t let it all go to waste with a low-end banner printing job, which will cause graphic streaking, poor color reproduction and other issues.

Banner clarity

What is your banner supposed to look like? If you go with a low quality printing company, then don’t think for a second that your actual banner will look anything like that multi-megapixel image that was displayed on your computer screen when your graphic designer showed you the final design. A low-end banner printing company will provide you with a banner so poor that it will look like someone took a picture of your banner with a flip phone from the year 2001 — and then tried to recreate the banner with that photo.

Banner quality

How long do you want your banner to last? If you skimp on quality and go with a bad banner printing company, then you clearly don’t want your banner(s) to be around for very long. A low-quality printing company will use the cheapest possible paper and worst inks — all in an effort to reduce their own costs by cutting corners.

Because of all of that nonsense, your banners will end up tearing easily, and the ink will even run.

Brand identity

You have spent countless hours deciding what you want your company to represent in the eyes of your consumers; you are marketing your company so that you can create that image (and so that you can eventually sell your stuff). That being said, the quality of your banners will hugely reflect how people perceive your company’s brand.

A shoddily printed banner, for example, will scream to the masses that your company is cheap, lacks attention to detail and doesn’t really care about what people think. For many, this will be converted into a belief that you’ll provide poor customer service and horrible products.

Where can I find a good banner printing company?

While there are plenty of bad banner printing companies out there, good ones exist too. Here is what you can do to find a good printing company for you:

Ask around

You have a network of partners and such; now is a great time to use them! Ask any business contacts you have (preferably those who have had great banners in the past) where to find a good banner printing company.

Look at a potential banner printing company’s products

No matter what anybody says, you need to make sure that your banner printing company produces quality results. So instead of assuming that they’ll do a great job based on pictures on their website, pay them a visit and examine the quality of their work (most will have a few banners on display).

Do right by your company with good banners

If you’re launching any marketing endeavor, you must take your banners seriously. If you don’t, then they will actually do more harm than good. Make sure that you find a good banner printing company that will get the job done the right way.