When it comes to getting your business noticed, vinyl banner printing is an option loaded with possibilities. Versatile and cost effective, banner advertising offers a variety of ways to reel customers in. An appropriately worded vinyl banner gives a person otherwise headed to catch a bus a reason to make a detour into your store.

Unlike billboards, vinyl banners catch consumers at eye-level with quick, need-to-know information. The initial investment in this advertising solution makes perfect sense as vinyl banners can be reused. For seasonal promotions which crop up during holidays like the 4th of July or Christmas, your vinyl banners can be rolled out time and again.

To get the best out of your vinyl banners though, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

The Font of Wisdom

You want to go with a clearly readable font for your vinyl banner printing. If customers look at your banner like it’s an eye test chart, chances are it’s not going to deliver much in the way of business. If the font is too bold, your banner could have an off-putting, cluttered appearance. Too thin and this could create spacing problems and the appearance of stranded lettering.

Selecting the right font is crucial to getting your message across. Don’t be seduced by cursive craziness or exotic lettering.  For your vinyl banner printing, it’s best to go with fonts like Arial or Verdana. Remember, the font helps determine the spacing of your text and, ultimately, the readability of your banner.

Choose Your Colours Wisely

The colour scheme for your vinyl banner printing is immensely important. Certain colours have specific branding significance. Yellow communicates optimism and a sunny disposition, green has an overall message of health and freshness and blue is thought to have a calming effect. Choose colours that speak best to your product.

In assembling the colour palette for your vinyl banner printing, keep in mind the interplay between the printed word and background colour. If your font hues and the background colour are mere shades apart, this will make your messages more difficult to decipher.

Giving Customers the Right Information

The headline on a banner is your first impression on the customer. You won’t get a second chance at it. For your vinyl banner printing, you want to be sure the very first line of your advertisement clearly spells out, in compelling fashion, exactly what your business is about and what you are offering to the customer.

While you don’t want to crowd your banner with too much text, vital details such as the sale or service on offer and contact information are a must. One more thing; before you rush to send off the graphic for your vinyl banner printing, triple check the text for any errors. You want to avoid a headline that shouts, “You Don’t Want to Miss This Sail!” That’s unless, of course, you manufacture and repair sails for yachts.

For vinyl banners designed for reuse, avoid dated text. A “Summer 2016 Blowout Sale” will be a tough sell in 2017.

Vinyl banners can be an excellent addition to your marketing tool kit. With costs of vinyl banner printing becoming increasingly competitive, you can apply them at your storefront to pull customers in off the sidewalk. For trade fairs and road shows, banners are ideal for snagging shoppers or clients who may not otherwise cross paths with your shop or stumble onto your website.

Font, colour and message are key to a spot on vinyl banner. Getting the vinyl banner printing that’s the right fit for your business can help score that all-important competitive edge. Contact us for more information.