If you’ve just started a new business, there’s a lot of work you have to do. First, of course, there’s all the paperwork you have to file just to legally create your business. Second, you must put together internal documents such as business plans, hiring processes, etc. Then you have to raise capital or, if you already have some funds on hand, look for real estate, buy equipment, and do much more. It’s a lot of work, and it can seem overwhelming for those who aren’t ready for it.

While marketing isn’t going to be one of the first things you need to conquer when you start a business, it will come up fairly quickly. After all, if people don’t know about your business, you won’t have much income. Even after you get people into your business, you need to make sure they’re going to the right parts of your office or store. That’s where custom signs come in. By starting out with a set of custom signs, you’ll be able to get off on the right foot and have yourself set up for success. Here are five different ways you can use custom signs to grow your customer base and income, even if you’re a brand-new business.


Custom Signs Help Your Business Stand Out

The first way you can use custom signs is to make your business stand out. You’ll want to have some kind of sign on your office or storefront so customers and potential customers can find you. Having a sign that’s custom to you will help get their attention and make you stand out from the other businesses around you. You also want your custom sign to reflect your business or sense of style. For some, simple black text on a white background may actually be exactly what you need. For other businesses, though, that’s going to be too bland and basic. 

Custom signs can incorporate logos, graphics, and colors. You can use just about any font you want and make the sign a unique shape. You only want to remember that when designing custom signs, don’t go overboard and use too many colors, fonts, and graphics. If someone can’t easily read your sign, it’s failed in its job. When designing any custom sign, be sure to get feedback from others so you can address any potential problems before paying to have the sign printed.


They Tell Customers Something About YouCustom Signs Boost Your Brand

When someone looks at your custom signs, they learn something about your business, even if they aren’t aware of it. This is where understanding how fonts and colors affect people can truly help. If you use a script font that looks fancy, you’re telling people that you’re luxurious, elegant, and expensive, even if your products or services aren’t priced that high. Something about a script font in gold, silver, or black makes people think of quality. If you want to attract customers who consider themselves elegant and even upper class, you want to use those colors and fonts that play into those feelings.

On the other hand, a strong, bold font can come across as more industrial. Manufacturers may want to use bold, strong primary colors with these fonts. Many images and logos can be worked into the logo to suggest that you’re in manufacturing or even what you manufacture. A business that provides children’s products or services may want to go with a more playful font. A pet store or vet might want to incorporate a paw print graphic or animals into their signs. Take some time to think of what fonts, colors, and images you can use on your custom signs that will tell customers about you.


Custom Signs Boost Your Brand

When you design your custom signs, you can make certain your branding is on them. That can include your logo, company name, brand’s colors, and anything else that makes you identifiable. You don’t even necessarily need to put your company name on every sign—your logo or other identifiable marks may be enough. For example, all McDonald’s has to do is put their golden arches on a sign for people to immediately know it’s for the fast-food restaurant. 

Some of your custom signs won’t be used in places you need to directly promote your business. For example, you may create custom signs to help direct customers to specific areas in your business. Those signs don’t necessarily need your company name or other information all over them. A small logo in the corner or at the top may be all you need, if you even need that. 

For signs outside of your business or at events such as trade shows, you’ll want to create custom signs that are heavily branded. These signs may be the first time someone learns about your company, so you want to be certain they communicate who you are and what you do. That doesn’t mean you need to go too overboard and plaster giant logos everywhere, but you will want to keep your audience in mind. A good graphic designer will be able to help you create amazing signs that work for the audience.


People Remember Unique Signs

How many signs do you remember? If they’re basic signs with black text on a white background with no image of any sort, you likely don’t remember them minutes after reading them. Unique signs do tend to stick in people’s minds a little longer, especially if the signs are well-designed. Custom signs will help people remember who you are and what your branding is. If your signs are fairly dull or don’t stand out, no one is going to remember them. 

Unique, of course, doesn’t mean that you can throw a lot of colors and big fonts on a sign. There’s good unique, and then there’s ugly unique. People might remember your neon orange sign with bright green font, but they may remember it because they thought it was the worst sign they had ever seen. Again, good design is vital to any custom sign or banner. A poorly designed sign is going to give people the wrong impression of your business. They will remember it, but it won’t be fondly, and they likely won’t come back.


You Can Change Out Custom Signs for Holidays and Other EventsYou Can Change Out Custom Signs for Holidays and Other Events

Finally, custom signs set you up for success because you can have several sets of them that you rotate out for specific events. For example, you can have signs with a holiday theme that make your business feel a little more festive. This may not seem like a big change, but people will take note. If you have a store or other retail business, these signs can help people find gift options or other relevant holiday-related items, which can help boost sales of those products.

If you have the budget, you may want to create a series of signs for your grand opening that you will later change out for your standard signage. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on these signs. Custom banners and other signage can be created at a very affordable price, but it will do exactly what you need. You may never have another grand opening for your business, but investing a little money in some signs that let people know you’re a brand new company can help you pull in interested people and quickly gain new customers.


Creating High-Quality Custom Signs

You want to make certain your custom signs are going to last for years. That means you must partner with a printing company that uses high-quality materials, including fade-resistant ink. TNT Signs will help you design and print banners, signs, and other materials that will last for years, even if you use them outdoors. 

If you know exactly what you want on your custom signs and have the digital art files ready to go, you must send them to us. We’ll get the signs printed up for you on the materials of your choice so you can begin advertising your business. On the other hand, if you only have a vague idea of what signage you need, our designers can help you translate that idea into a design for your signs. If you need exceptionally large signs, we even have installers who can mount them to the interior or exterior of your building. 

In addition to signs and banners, TNT Signs can help design and print an entire line of marketing materials. We can create POP displays that match your branding, print stickers, and decals to use on products or in marketing, and even assist you with designing an amazing vehicle wrap to brand your company cars, trucks, and vans. 


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