Custom signs can be the perfect way of boosting your sales, especially if they’re well-designed. However, no matter how amazing the design, your signs won’t be very effective if they’re placed in the wrong location. Signs that are out of the way, in a dark area, or placed around more vibrant, attention-grabbing signs won’t be seen by that many people. If you’re looking to use a few custom signs or banners to boost your sales, you’ve got to put them in the right places. Here are some of those locations.

Do keep in mind that all of these tips are fairly general. They hold true for most businesses and organizations, but your business may be in a very unique location or be designed a little differently than most others. Don’t be afraid to follow your instincts or make a few adjustments to these tips to fit your business.


Across the Outside of Your Building


One of the first places many people put a custom sign is on their building. You will want to check into your city’s regulations on what’s allowed—some, for example, only allow flat signs on the face of the building—but once you know the rules, you can craft an idea for a custom sign that meets them. A large sign above your front door will establish the location of your business and help advertise it to anyone in the immediate area.

This sign or banner doesn’t need to have too much information on it. Your company name, of course, needs to be done in large letters. That may be all you want on this sign, though you could include your logo as well. Most of the other relevant information, such as your hours and phone number, should likely go on the front door or in the window where people can more easily read it. However, you may want to include your website address on the large sign if it’s a major part of your business.

This large sign is likely a permanent fixture to your business. Its job is to let people know where you are and do some marketing, although it may not provide enough information to truly pull in people who haven’t heard of your business. That’s okay—other signs will do that.


In the WindowsPlace Your Custom Sign In the Windows


The next set of custom signs goes in the windows of your building, if you have large front windows. If you don’t, you may need to determine other places for these signs. These are your marketing materials that advertise specials, sales, products, and other reasons why people should come into your business. You’ll want these custom signs to change regularly, which means you may need to create new ones every few months depending on what your specials are and what you’re promoting.

These signs can be a variety of different sizes. You may have some that take up the entire window. You might also have some that are smaller. For example, as mentioned above, you may want a custom sign in your glass door or in the window directly next to the door that includes your hours and other information. Depending on how your building is designed, you may be able to hang long banners across multiple windows, too.


In Grassy Areas


If you have a section of grass outside your store or towards the corner near your store, you may be able to place a custom banner or sign there. This can be a fairly basic vinyl banner anchored by a metal pole on either side, or it can be a more permanent sign securely planted in the ground. This can be useful if the front of your business doesn’t face a busy street. By putting a banner in a location that can point traffic to your store, you can get your brand in front of more people.

You will want to make certain you can legally place signs in these areas. This is especially true if the grassy section is down the street or not directly in front of your business. If you put a sign in an area you’re not allowed to, it will be removed and you could even be fined.


Inside Your Store


Signs aren’t just for the exterior. You can also make use of custom signs inside your store to boost your sales. In fact, sometimes signs inside are the most effective at increasing your overall profits. There are a number of places you can put your custom signs indoors to help direct your customers and highlight specific products.

On the Walls

Signs on the walls can be used to promote your basic services or products. You may not necessarily use them to promote new products unless those products are placed along the wall under the sign. Many businesses use signs on the wall to inform customers about their business or specific products or instructions. For example, a legal office could have a sign explaining their consultation process or sharing legal resources. A doctor’s office may have signs that outline the office policy for those who are sick. Custom signs don’t always have to be promoting a product—you can use them for just about anything.


Hanging from the Ceiling

Another great way to utilize custom signs and banners inside your store is to hang them from the ceiling. You’ve likely seen this in large department stores. They will often have signs hanging over each department so customers can easily find what they’re looking for. Grocery stores may have a sign for each aisle that states what items customers can find there.

In addition to directory signs, you can also hang signs indicating special products or new items. These signs could be done in a brighter color scheme to grab people’s attention and let them know where your newest items or best deals are. You could have special signs for the holidays letting people know where decorations are or where to look for great gifts.


At the Checkout

Most of the signs we’ve looked at so far have been large signs, but smaller signs have their place, too. Small signs near the checkout stand can help direct customers to those last-minute impulse buys. For example, if you have a refrigerator of beverages near the checkout, a sign that asks customers if they’re thirsty might help them decide to grab a drink. For those outside of retail, signs near your receptionist or appointment check-in area asking customers to follow your business on social media or reminding them of additional services can be helpful.


At the EntrancePlacing Custom Signs At The Entrance Of Your Store To Boost Traffic

Don’t forget that signs can be put on stands, too. They don’t need to hang from the wall or ceiling. You can put a sandwich board or sign stand up front so people will see it as soon as they walk in. This can be a great way to advertise new products or specials. You can also use this area to post information such as holiday hours or times when your services may be a little different from the usual.

Signs at the exit can be effective, too, in some ways. These signs are typically less about trying to sell items since the customer is leaving but more about retaining them. Here, you might suggest customers follow you on social media, leave a review, or suggest a product or service that is coming soon. You might also want to add a simple sign thanking customers for shopping with you near the exit.


High Traffic Areas


Do you have any areas where you have a lot of foot traffic? This could be outside or inside your store. These are great areas for signs. What type of signs you put here depends on your store setup and what type of people are walking by. If it’s outside of your store, signs promoting your brand or showcasing why someone should come to your business may be perfect. Inside, you can use these high-traffic areas to promote sales or specific products.

Your high-traffic areas may change over time depending on what products you have located where. You may need to change some of these signs around from time to time, so be sure to keep an eye on what parts of your business are getting the most traffic.


Need Help Designing Custom Signs?


Making the perfect custom signs isn’t always easy. That’s why TNT Signs has a team of designers here to assist you. Whether you need a single sign or want to create a set of custom signs, banners, decals, and even car wraps that all work together to promote your brand, we can help. If you’ve already got a finalized design, we can print and install your products quickly and easily. If you need a little help translating your ideas into a reality, we can help with that, too.

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