Custom Signs Keep The Cash Flowing

Custom signs are a great way for businesses just getting off the ground to reach more customers. At the same time, signs that customize your message can let you have an ongoing dialogue with your loyal customers and tell them what promotions are right around the corner.

Custom Signs and ROI

There’s a concept in economics called return on investment (ROI), which many business owners will already know all about. For those of us who live more in the real world and skipped Econ 101 in college, return on investment is the technical way to calculate the efficiency (or benefits) that a particular investment offers your business.

Ideally, you want to make an investment that’s low cost, yet high gain, and pays back your business far into the future. That’s not as much of a fairy-tale scenario as it might seem considering the fact that custom signs are pretty affordable and offer 24/7 advertising at no additional cost. Custom signage also makes a great complement to your social media and email marketing campaigns.

With digital marketing campaigns you’re essentially reaching out to customers who wouldn’t necessarily walk by your brick-and-mortar storefront. Custom signs come into the picture by attracting local customers, or customers who’ve heard something about you online, and might want to chat face-to-face.

In a lot of ways digital marketing is helping your company by casting a wide net to attract a huge array of potential customers, and custom signs solidify your professional image when those customers personally check out your storefront.

Custom signs have an extended ROI due to another factor as well – because they’re so resilient you don’t have to worry about replacements every few months. It’s really the best of both worlds in that you can customize your message and reach out to fresh faces without compromising your message or shelling out more money for a replacement.

Payoff of Custom Signs

A sign that’s right in front of your shop lets people know who are you, what you do and how you can help them. Considering local customers are likely driving by your storefront every day by the thousands on their way to work, custom signs are an excellent way to get their attention.

An un-missable sign that gives customers a snapshot of your business, hours and phone number, for example, can get those on the fence to give your business a shot. Once inside your store, you can have a sign put up for ongoing promotions to keep customers in the loop.

Custom Signs and Your Prospects

In the world of content marketing, as many business owners will be well aware, you consider potential customers “prospects.” Prospects, again according to content marketing strategy, have a few tiers of awareness.

Some customers, or prospects, already know about your business and a handful of the products you carry, but they’re not sure about buying from you or they may need to know more about your promotions before committing.

Other customers, at a lower stage of awareness, realize that they have a problem and might even know the kind of product that could help, yet they need more information.

Custom signs are ideal for all types of customers since you can get the word out with a large sign out front and complement your main sign with smaller ones inside detailing time-sensitive promotional offers.

The fact that you can reuse signs again and again means that you save more money over the long term while continuing to reel in customers. It’s doesn’t take a Ph.D. in Economics to know that that’s a recipe for success.