Real-world advertising (custom decals, indoor signs, and durable vinyl banners) needs to do a few things effectively to truly communicate with your customers and get them to pick up their phones or drop by for a visit.

First off, what you do through advertising needs to stick in their heads. Think of a theme song that you catch yourself whistling in the shower. It’s OK to be bright and bold in your message – as long as you keep the message straightforward and the text legible.

By creating memorable custom decals and outdoor advertising that unambiguously tells customers how their lives will be happier, more convenient, or more productive, you make the buyer’s decision that much easier. That’s what it’s all about.

Custom Decals Work on Glass, Flat Surfaces, and Curved Surfaces 

Custom Decals

Custom decals give you that long-lasting hold and can stand up to the weather since they’re weatherproof and waterproof. You can get customized decals in your choice of sizes (typically as large as 48 inches wide and 24 inches high for back windows) and custom finishes.

And since the unique lettering and design of your custom decal is cut from vinyl and delivered to you on a single piece of transfer tape, installation couldn’t be simpler.

The adhesive for your custom decals is safe for your vehicle’s paint and, in fact, might improve the resale value of your company vehicles since your paint will be protected for as long as you keep your decal on.

Custom decals are totally safe and ready for installation on your truck’s or van’s side panels or any windows of your company vehicles. Slapping a decal on the side of a service van is a really popular option and doing so dramatically increases exposure in Santa Rosa.

Another popular option is getting one of those larger 48” X 24” clear custom car decals for the rear window of your vehicle so customers know where to call when they have an issue. Clear custom decals still allow you to see out while inviting customers under the tent.

Convey What You Do Well and Solve Customers’ Current Issues 

One of the secrets to effective advertising is conveying to customers how your products or services solve a problem that they’re currently having.

When it doubt keep things simple – put your logo in there, include your company name and contact info (phone, email, and/or address), and sum up what you do in a few simple words.

  • A Few Memorable Words

Taking a few examples, a landscaping company might put the following words in their custom decals: landscaping, trimming, winterizing, irrigation.

A pizzeria might include “sit down, take out, delivery” in their custom decal.

  • Say Why You Beat Out Competitors

The point is that you want to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think how your company can help solve their issue.

The best outdoor ads and custom decals in Santa Rosa also quickly convey why it makes sense for a customer to go with their company over a competitor’s.

  • Offer Incentives in Your Custom Decals

Incentives go a long way. Offering something like a 20% discount for first-time customers on their initial purchase, or a free estimate if you’re a service company, instantly makes your company that much more attractive to customers.

  • Speak to Larger Values

Linking your company up with larger values makes you seem like a better option for customers as well.

Saying that your products are “100% made in the USA” or that your service is “eco-friendly” on your custom decals can make people feel like they’re making a great decision with your company. Contact us for more information.