Marketing your business is a never-ending job, and it’s a task that always has to evolve. The marketing techniques you used last year may no longer be the most effective today, plus you may have new products and services that you want to promote. There are so many different marketing methods out there, but some are utilized more than others. One type of marketing tool that isn’t used as much but certainly should be is the vinyl car decal. These automotive decals have a number of benefits and can make your car stand out, even if you’re not using it for marketing.


What Are Custom Automotive Decals?What Are Custom Automotive Decals?

You’ve likely seen decals and vinyl stickers on people’s cars. These stickers are typically put in the back window and feature cute sayings or little people denoting members of the family. They can also be put on the bumper or on the side of the car. Many of these decals aren’t custom, though. They’re mass-produced and purchased from a variety of retailers.

Custom car decals, on the other hand, are unique. You design these decals and work with an experienced company such as TNT Graphics to have them printed. Your custom decal can include anything you want. You can have your artwork printed and stuck on the side of your car, or you can use your business logo and company contact information. It’s all up to you.

How many vinyl car decals can you put on your car? As many as you want! You can cover every inch of the body with decals if you want, though most people don’t. Those who are having stickers printed for personal use often have an overall design in mind. They may put a decal on the front of the car, then add stripes on the side or include smaller matching decals on the doors. It’s all up to you. You can let your imagination run wild.

If you’re using these decals for marketing, you’ll likely want to put your logo and company information on each side of the car. Some people put them on the front driver’s and passenger’s doors or on the sliding door of a van. Many people also have decals printed with their company name, website, and other contact information to put on the back of the car. You can also have custom truck decals created for the tailgate that advertise to anyone who is behind you in traffic.


Custom Decals Reflect Your Personality onto Your Car

Adding some automotive decals to your car makes it into an extension of yourself. You may already have a car that reflects your values and personality, but decals let you take it a step farther. Others may have the same car you do, especially if you have a fairly common vehicle in a standard color. Custom colors can make it stand out a little more, but even these colors or ones very similar to them can be found on other vehicles.

Decals, especially when they’re custom, make your car stand out like nothing else. Putting your artwork or graphic design on your car ensures that it’s different from every other vehicle on the street. With custom decals, you’ll never have a hard time finding your car in a parking lot again, plus everyone who sees it will be impressed.


Transform Your Vehicle into a Billboard

On the business side of things, using decals transforms your car, truck, van, or other business vehicle into a moving billboard. All you need to do is put your company name and contact information on the side of your vehicle, and you’re instantly advertising to new customers wherever you go.

However, if you want to make more of an impact and really grab people’s attention, you want to create custom car decals that include graphics, your company logo, and other information. You might want to cover the entire side of the vehicle with graphics related to your business. For example, a florist may put flower decals all along the bottom of their delivery van. Think things through and create decals that match up with what you offer and what you think will attract potential clients to you.


You Can Switch Them Up

Another way custom decals can make your vehicle stand out is that they’re not permanent. You can easily change them up whenever you want. You can add more vinyl car decals, take a few off, or completely change all of them at once. If you’re a person who likes to keep changing things or trying out different looks, vinyl decals are perfect for you. They are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to getting a custom paint job or a full vehicle wrap. If you have a lot of car decal ideas, you can try them all out until you find the look that’s just right for you.


Build Trust with Customers

By adding your company name, logo, and other information, your vehicle stands out from nondescript ones. If you deliver items to customers or provide services in their homes, this can help build trust. When you see a vehicle with custom logos on it, you know who is at your door. You also know that your neighbors can see the vehicle and will be able to report it to the authorities should something happen. Customers are more likely to trust someone who has a company name on their vehicle than someone who pulls up in a plain car.


Car Wraps or Decals?Commercial Vehicle Wraps 2

When customers reach out to TNT Graphics, they often want to know the differences between vinyl car wraps and decals. Both can make your car stand out, but they aren’t the same. A car wrap covers the entire vehicle. It’s ideal for changing the color of your car without going through the cost of a new paint job. If you dislike the overall look of your car, you’ll want to consider wrapping it.

However, if you like the paint color but want to customize the overall look of your vehicle, decals are the way to go. Your custom truck decals let you add pops of color, designs, or other artwork to the hood or other parts of the vehicle, but the paint job isn’t covered. This option is less expensive, but it won’t change up the entire look of your car like a wrap will.

Which one is right for you? It depends on what you’re going for. If you want a major change, a wrap will make your car look brand new. If you want to simply add a little flair to your vehicle, decals are the way to go.

An option that is somewhat in between decals and a full wrap is a partial wrap. With a partial wrap, you’re only wrapping the back, hood, and about half of the sides. You can create custom graphics for these wraps, so sometimes they’re the better option if you want to apply decals to a good portion of your vehicle but don’t want to wrap the entire thing.


What Can Go into Your Custom Decal?

You can put anything on a custom decal. While many businesses use their company logo and other designs, you can also use photographs. Decals have very few limitations, so you can go wild with your car and truck decal ideas. Even if your idea is very large, it’s often possible to break the design up into multiple decals that just need to be aligned on the vehicle to create the larger image. There are no color restrictions, either.


Ready to Add Decals to Your Vehicle?

If you’ve been thinking about adding some fun decals to your vehicle, the first step is to determine what exactly you want. You may need to think about a full or partial wrap versus a decal, though you may already know that you want a few decals. That means the first step for you is to decide what you want on the decals.

You might want simple shapes and designs. For that, you can often find free clipart online to use. However, if you want to use your design or artwork, you should first reach out to TNT Signs to learn about having your own designs printed as decals. We can help you with the right size, resolution, and other technical details. If you don’t save your artwork in the right format, it may not necessarily print correctly.

Once you’ve saved the file correctly, we’ll help you decide on the right size and other factors. After that, we will print your graphics and provide some help in installing them if you need it. In addition to assisting you with decals and vehicle wraps, TNT Signs also offers a wide range of different marketing tools. We can print custom signs and banners for retail stores, outdoor events, and other activities. We also offer stickers and decals that can be used on products and full POP displays. No matter what you need, our team of designers and print experts is here for you. To learn more about what TNT Signs can do for you, contact us at 707-528-8523