Let’s face it – two of the biggest problems in today’s culture are getting noticed through the daily hurricane of advertising out there and staying fresh in people’s minds. How do you even begin to compete with interactive advertising and cat videos?

As it happens, these problems are actually related in that, if you do manage to pierce through the noise and have your day in the sun with customers, your time might be limited.

That’s sometimes a big if, however, since getting noticed in the first place can easily be more than half the battle.

Customers have more options for shopping and entertainment than literally any other time in history, so you’re going to have to go where they go to seize their attention.

Enter Vinyl Car Stickers: Go-anywhere Advertising 

Male and female inspecting car colorsVinyl car stickers overcome a lot of the difficulties you might be having with customer outreach. The fact is that most of your customers are within a five-mile radius of your store already, so that’s where you should focus.

In other words, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel and do anything crazy to attract local customers: Usually they’re more than happy to engage with your business provided they know what you do and how you can help.

Vinyl car stickers are the ideal tool for boosting your customer outreach and engaging local customers since they affordably allow you to increase your exposure for years to come. Let’s find out how.

Increasingly Cost-efficient with Bulk Orders 

Car stickers can be delivered to your business as, for instance, bumper stickers or custom die-cut stickers and come in at well under a single dollar apiece when purchased as part of a bulk order.

Your car stickers will then be whisked around the city gratis, so to speak, since customers will be doing your advertising for you once these stickers are in place. That’s something even Uber doesn’t offer!

Have Sticker, Will Travel 

Vinyl stickers – though perhaps most famous for traveling on the windows, bumpers, and side panels of cars, vans, and trucks – can be affixed to all kinds of surfaces, like folders and laptops.

The chances of getting exponential exposure and stimulating conversation might be even higher when car stickers are creatively repurposed and put on other surfaces that are carried around by customers.

Encourages Online Engagement and Store Visits

Including QR code and your online social media handle on the vinyl stickers that you hand out can increase your online sales and drive traffic to your e-commerce website.

You might want to include promotions along with your QR codes or other incentives for customers to post on social media and leave reviews on your website.

A QR code is actually the perfect tool for engaging millennial customers since they’ll be able to scan the QR code – a kind of matrix barcode readable with smartphones – from wherever they are.

Quality Prints with Years of Longevity 

Vinyl stickers have serious legs – not in the sense that they’ll run off, though you might find that they seem to grow legs as customers take a few for their friends!

Joking aside, vinyl car stickers have legs in the sense that they last a long time…a really long time. Vinyl car stickers can last eight years or more even when exposed to direct sunlight and punishing rain.

Vinyl stickers shouldn’t crack, peel, or fade when applied properly to the windows and side panels of your vehicle. There are even perforated stickers available that won’t block the view.

The secret sauce, if you will, to all of this flexible longevity can be chalked up to a few factors: UV inks, industrial inkjet printers, strong adhesive, and the highly durable polyvinyl chloride construction of these car stickers themselves.

Send Over Your Vector File Today 

Car stickers have a quick turnaround time and can be die cut to suit your desired shape or kiss cut for sticker sheets. Simply contact us to say what you’re looking for or send over a resizable vector file today to get started today.