A Point of Purchase or POP display can be a great way to highlight a specific product, draw attention to certain sales, or grab people’s attention. These displays have many benefits you can make use of, although they do have a few downsides you’ll need to take into account. However, one thing is very clear: a POP display can help you increase your holiday sales. Let’s take a look at what these displays can do for you and how they can help you boost your profit margins this holiday season.


The Anatomy of a POP Display

POP displays are used by many retailers in a wide variety of industries. These displays are typically made out of very strong cardboard and have graphics, logos, words, and other information printed directly on them. Because they can be disassembled, they can be stored and shipped flat. Once put together, they are relatively lightweight, so it’s easy to move empty POP displays around. The interior supports are designed to hold a good amount of weight, so while they’re cardboard, they are still very sturdy.


The Benefits of a POP DisplayThe Focus and Benefits of a POP Display

Why use a POP store display instead of a more permanent set of shelves or other display? There are a number of benefits to this option. First, these displays are much easier to move around than heavier shelving, grid displays, or other options. One person can often move a POP display without help, although they can be a little awkward due to their size. Their weight, however, is typically not an issue when there are no products on display. Once loaded with product, typically, these displays are more challenging to move.

Another benefit is that many POP displays are designed to display products on all four sides. You can easily place one in the center of an aisle or other area, and customers can walk around it. Of course, you can always place a POP against the wall or even in a corner and only use the visible sides.

As mentioned earlier, these displays also break down and can be stored flat. This allows you to keep your POP displays and use them again in the future. This is great for holiday displays. You don’t want to purchase new ones every year, but you may not have a lot of space to dedicate to storing them. POP displays can be broken apart and stood up along a wall, stacked on the floor, or even stored on shelves. This, combined with their light weight, also reduces shipping costs.

Because they’re made from cardboard that can be printed on, you can fully customize these displays. You can print your brand, including the product name, add holiday graphics, and much more. Some business owners prefer to leave off dates, prices, and other information that could change, while others may intentionally plan on using a POP display only a few times. You can even leave blank spots or empty boxes on the display to fill in later if you don’t mind hand-writing some information.


Using POP Displays in Your Holiday Marketing

The benefits of a point of purchase display can be combined with holiday marketing to help increase your sales. You can easily incorporate these items into your overall store setup with the proper planning, and here are a few ways of doing so.


Print Holiday Graphics Right on the Display

You can design and print holiday graphics and other information directly onto a POP display. This means you don’t need to worry about adding other signage. In some areas of your store, you may not even have room to add signage without losing some product space, so this can be very helpful. You can design the displays to stand out and grab people’s attention. Since these are holiday-specific, you can step outside of your typical color scheme or graphics rules. Add holiday symbols, use cheerful colors, and change things up a bit.

Of course, you want to make sure that these displays work well with your other holiday banners, signs, and other items. You want to have a cohesive display throughout your store, so be sure you use similar colors, graphics, and fonts. Also, be sure to consider what you want to print on the displays. If you want to reuse them, you’ll want to avoid prices, dates, specific product names, and anything else that could change from year to year.


Create New Shopping Areas in Your Store

You can use POP displays anywhere—they don’t need to be up against a wall or have any other support. This means you can use them to create new shopping areas. If you have a wide aisle down the center of your store, you may be able to put POP displays down the center to expand your display space. You can put these displays near the entrance, too. Get creative but think about the amount of space your customers have to walk and shop. You don’t want your POP displays to create a bottleneck or prevent people from moving through your store.

If you’re having a giant Black Friday sale or a shopping event, you can use POP displays to create one-way aisles or even block off certain parts of the store. This isn’t something you will want to do every day, but it can be helpful for specific events. These displays are a good size, and you can easily place one at the start of an aisle to prevent customers from going into that section.


Put Certain Products in the SpotlightA POP Display Can Help Put Certain Products in the Spotlight

Because these displays are not part of your using shelving, they’re going to stand out. This is doubly true if you use colorful POP signs and other décor. People will take note of them and the products you have displayed here. This can help sell those items, especially if you position the displays in the right places in the store. If you have new items or products that are related to the holidays, be sure they get positioned where everyone will see them. These displays are great to highlight gifts, sales, and products that are currently trending.


The Layout Change is Often All You Need

People get used to how places look, especially if they often visit a place. It’s possible that their eyes will glide right over new products and even signage if the actual layout and space are the same. If you place several POP displays in a location where you typically don’t have products and force customers to move around them, they’re going to take notice. People may not always notice visual changes, but they will notice when their regular route is blocked. Put a product literally in their way, and they will see it.

This doesn’t mean that you should use these displays to make roadblocks or prevent easy access to part of your store. You want customers to be able to walk through your store without it becoming a maze. However, in certain areas and where there is enough space, putting a display in the center of the walkway can be helpful.


Position Impulse Buys

People often come into a store with a specific list or at least an idea of what they want to buy. Impulse buys are not on that list, but often people will pick them up if they’re positioned in the right place in the store. This is why candy bars and other snacks are often near the cash register in grocery stores. People will impulsively grab one because they’ve spent time in the store and may want a snack.

For your holiday impulse buys, consider placing POP displays will trendy, common, or fairly inexpensive gift ideas near the checkout stand or by the front doors. The idea is to look for spots where your shoppers will have to walk past. In the case of the checkout section, they may even have to stop and wait for a minute or two. You want them to look at the products placed here and decide that they need to buy one or two of them. Expensive or very niche products are likely not going to be impulse buys, so be sure you carefully consider what items to put in these key areas.


Ready to Design Your POP Displays?

Designing a POP display, especially if you haven’t done so before, can seem like a bit of a challenge. That’s where TNT Signs and Graphics comes in. Our team can help you work out what you want on your POP display and get the correct dimensions on your graphics and other elements. We offer a very fast turn-around time and can print small runs of these displays, so you don’t need to order a huge number of them. We can also coordinate with you to create an array of various marketing items that all match, including displays, custom signs, banners, and more.

If you’re in need of new POP displays for the holidays or for any time of the year, reach out to TNT Signs today to discuss how we can help.


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