Signage is critical for your business, even if you don’t work in hospitality or retail, because it allows you to keep customers engaged and informed while boosting brand awareness.

The truth is that on a more basic level than brand awareness (the extent to which people are familiar with your brand and offerings) there’s simply brand identity (how you want customers to see your brand).

The good news is that custom business signs can help with both brand identity and increasing your brand awareness. Brand identity is pretty elemental but critically important to get right.

Solidify Brand Identity and Get More Brand Awareness 

Barber shop sign over glass door Brand identity is basically what the customer sees, so this includes basically every aspect of the visual language that you use to convey your message: the unique colors, typography, framing and composition, and, more importantly, your business logo!

Beyond these basic parameters, brand identity is about creating an intended effect and conveying a particular vibe to customers. The “vibe,” if you will, is going to different based on whether you’re a company that’s about fun and novelty, for instance, or more about offering professional services.

Custom business signs can allow you to achieve any brand identity and reach any group of customers because with custom business signs you can control factors like the typeface, layout, and colors to be jazzy and fun or no-nonsense and professional.

For all of this talk about variety, there are huge benefits to be found in being consistent with your branding. In short, you want your real-world branding to match your online identity as much as possible.

Ideally, all of your products, promotional gear, and in-store signage would have the same or similar color scheme and instantly identifiable logo so that customers can quickly make the association in their minds.

Control All of the Factors that Go Into Brand Identity 

There are a lot of forms of advertising that essentially take the control out of your hands.

This lack of control can manifest itself in a number of ways – two of the most common are someone else making the decisions or somebody else requiring a one-size-fits-all marketing solution.

Instead of paying a flat price to have your advertisement run once on television or in a magazine, you can choose the right size sign for your budget. What if someone misses that particular magazine issue or snoozes during your commercial!

Custom business signs provide value for years to come and you won’t have to worry about your signs getting lost in the shuffle as you do with other forms of advertising.

With other kinds of advertising, someone else is basically calling the shots when it comes to the creative decisions, the format that your advertisements has to take, and how long you can keep the advertisement up.

Custom business signs are totally different in that you control the creative decisions from start to finish and can choose where you put your business signs.

Because custom business signs are made of high-quality vinyl materials, they should last for five years or more outdoors and potentially longer indoors.

Actually Designing Your Custom Business Signs 

As a basic rule of thumb, the further away that customers will be viewing your signs from, the more readable that the font needs to be and the less complicated the message should be.

So, bigger signs should ideally be about branding, promotions, and events rather than educating customers about a particular issue or product/service that you’re selling.

Part of the reasoning here is practical and psychological in the sense that someone reading your custom business signs from afar is perhaps in need of convincing and with limited time on their hands.

A potential customer reading your business sign from a few feet away – perhaps from in your store! – is a different ballgame from someone on the street or driving by in their vehicle.

You can get more detailed and granular with that kind of customer – here you can use more text in your sign, but you’ll still be better off going with a more readable sans-serif font.

High contrast, quality inks, and durable vinyl custom business signs can bring it all together with all of your customers. Send over a vector file or simply brainstorm an idea to get started today! Contact us for more information.