The Little League World Series converges on South Williamsport, Pennsylvania once again this August. Some things you’re bound to see are screaming fans, even more raucous parents and a few truckloads of banners and patriotic bunting.


Customized Banners, Quality Vinyl Prints 

It used to be that you would stow away some money then crack the piggybank to order pennants and banners from a catalog. After that you’d wait two to four weeks until your order arrived in the mail. There wasn’t much opportunity for customization and the cost savings on bulk orders was minimal going on non-existent.

Today you can get customized banners for little league baseball that can save you some green and a lot of hassle. Instead of heading over to an arts and crafts store, busting out the Crayolas (we were kids once…) and scissors and getting down to work, you can collaborate with an experienced graphic designer to get exactly the banner you’re looking for…the first time.

You can get a banner customized to your little league team inscribed with your team’s regular season record and year (e.g., “2015 Jamesville Tigers,” “18-3”). A quick sketch or simply describing the idea to a graphic designer can get the ball rolling. From there you can select the material – like a durable vinyl – and background of your choice.

Have Banner – Will Travel 

Since you can customize every aspect, you might even be tempted to reuse some banners or get a few pennants for hanging up around your home year-round.

Because the vinyl today is so durable you could even hang a banner outside for three years or more without any noticeable fading. Having said that, you’re definitely not going to hit any snags taking a few banners out for a day or two during the playoffs.

New Technology, Established Methods 

Using high-quality printers to print digital images onto vinyl banners bridges the best aspects of new technology with established methods. What we mean by that is that anyone coming out of the 1960s is familiar with vinyl – and probably a lot of recreational activities that we’ll discuss later.

The point is that vinyl’s been around awhile yet isn’t going anywhere. The new kid on the block, so to speak, is the ability to manipulate images digitally and print those images onto vinyl banners using high-quality digital printers…all with a very short turnaround between giving you a quote and delivering the goods.

Since the design for a banner is saved digitally as well, you’ll be able to change some of the details (e.g., that year’s record) and keep the same basic template for another year.

You could also swap out one background color for another or add some cool graphics around your team’s mascot. Did you seem what we mean here? You can literally choose any design and we’ll make your design a reality.

Pick a Size, Any Size 

Your banner is going to look good when it’s made in this way. As an added perk, though, you can get exactly the size you need for your little league baseball banners that season.

Whether you need a longer, slenderer banner to go along your van or a taller banner to be held aloft in the fan section, we’ve got you covered.

A lot of teams go with one banner for their fans, one to hang along the field’s fence and another for each player. Just an idea: you can have a picture of each player alongside a list of the coaches’ names and that year’s sponsors.

If you want to run some ideas by our staff, get in touch today.