Based in South Pennsylvania, United States, Little League Baseball Inc. is a nonprofit that organizes baseball leagues for the youth. It was founded in 1939 and incorporated in 1950.

Banners for Little League Baseball

The organization partners with volunteers to host and support tournaments that take place every year. Organizers supply their players with the conventional uniform, playing equipment, and other supplies like banners for Little League Baseball.

Players hail from more than 80 countries.  The baseball and softball programs target children up to 16 years from local communities.

Little League Baseball World Series (LLBWS) 2019

Little League Baseball announced the LLBWS pairings for the first round of the 2019 league in mid-June. Sixteen teams from across the world will participate in the sports from August 15 to 25.

On the first day, the Australian Region will play against the Caribbean Region followed by the southeast region versus New England Region. The Latin America Region will then play against Asia-Pacific Region before closing the day with Midwest Region versus Great Lakes Region.

Another four games will take place on August 16, starting with Europe and Africa Region against Japan Region. Next will be Southwest Region versus West Region, Mexico Region versus Canada Region, and finally Mid-Atlantic Region against Northwest Region.

The organization will determine which teams will be home or away on August 13 by the flip of a coin.

Little League Baseball has three programs:

Local Little League

This tournament takes place within a community. The organizers set the boundaries within which to operate. The league allows children who reside within the established area to participate in the sports.

League personnel such as managers, coaches, board members, and field workers are volunteers from the area. They must fill out an application and submit themselves to a criminal screening process for eligibility. The league is self-governing, and it operates under the guidance of five to 25 adult volunteers.

District League

A district comprises of 10 to 20 leagues in a particular area. The constituent leagues elect an experienced volunteer called the District Administrator to provide direction on the policies of Little League Baseball. The individual liaises with the Regional Director in coordinating the program.

The District Administrator also participates in the review of the rules and regulations of Little League at the International Congress. Each District Administrators has staff or assistants who help in accomplishing their duties.

Regional and International Headquarters

This level of administration comprises of a full-time staff of Little League Baseball and Softball. They cooperate with District Administrators and local league officials in organizing and coordinating tournaments. They also assist in making the entire program successful.

Hosting a Tournament

Local and district volunteers are responsible for hosting tournaments below the regional level. The hosts cover the cost of balls, banners for Little League Baseball, umpires, field maintenance, awards, and others. To ease the burden, they can charge an entry fee on the participating teams.

Banners for Little League Baseball

Teams should wear a uniform that may comprise of a T-shirt, pants, jersey, and a helmet. Most outfits are available on the Little League Official Store.

The marketplace has the standard banners for Little League Baseball, which come in 6-by-3-feet one-sided vinyl. The garment is durable, and its letters and borders are water-resistant and colorfast. All banners for Little League Baseball have grommets for easy display.

Key Takeaways

Little League Baseball and Softball is an international nonprofit that organizes tournaments for children across the world. Volunteers who host and oversee the events undergo background checks to ascertain their integrity.

Funding for local and district leagues comes from the hosts. They provide the essentials for running the tournaments smoothly including uniforms, equipment, and banners for Little League Baseball. Officials at different levels work hand in hand to realize the goals of the Little League program. Contact us for more information.