In the 21st century, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is still the most popular and used material for banner printing. PVC is a plastic made from petroleum and to create the soft, rollable material, plasticizers are added. This enables the banner to be printed on numerous printers, such as digital and screen. You can certainly find other similar materials that are being used, including a type of plastic fabric.

Another affordable material is polypropylene, which is normally used for promotions of fast food chains, because the material is the cheapest that one can find nowadays. This particular banner printing material is shiny and has a tasteful, glossy finish. It can be used for both screen and digital printing prodigiously. Aside from the aforementioned materials, polyester (a woven fabric) is now being used as a printing material.

Dissimilarities for Banner Printing on Different Materials

With polyester, you can find smooth poly knits, for instance poly flags, poly silks, and sheer fabrics. These materials are excellent for almost any event, be it outdoor or indoor. Although polyester fabric banners are gaining their popularity (especially now that their prices are going down), the process of printing is much dissimilar for cloth or fabric banners.

Heat transfer printing, also known as dye sublimation printing, produces a lasting and attractive print on different types of polyester fabrics. They can last up to 35 years, which is incredibly cost-effective. With poly-pro banners, the standard banner printing techniques for digital or screen printing has pretty much remained the same for numerous decades.

PVC banners are priced in the same way as polyester cloth banners, and the updated technique of dye sublimation printing known as DTS/DTG has enhanced the speed of the printing process a lot as well. Whenever something advances technologically, the price normally drops for that product or service.

The Foremost Alternatives in the Banner Printing Industry

It does not necessarily mean that the price will drop significantly, but enough to make people want to opt for the cheaper banner printing. An array of materials is used to print on when it comes to promoting a business and its products or services, but if you want something out of the ordinary, then poly-pro materials are the best.

When choosing to print your items, it is advisable to look for a banner printing company that has multiple years of experience. Search online and spend a enough time conducting careful research with reference to all the banner printing companies that are on offer in your region. Choose one that provides a wide range of banner printing materials and is able to give advice on the best type of material to use for your business or personal needs.