Custom Signs Santa Rosa CAOne of the most effective ways to get new customers in the door of your business is to make use of custom signs for outdoor store promotion.

Outdoor signage is the first impression passersby get of your business, and if it’s used right it will bring those passersby right in your front door.

It isn’t enough to let people know who you are on your outdoor custom signs. You’ve got to give them a reason to need your products or services. If you incorporate the right messages on your outdoor signs, you’ll even be able to draw people in that have passed by your store many times before.

The following tips will help you design outdoor custom signs that results in a significant increase in business:

Make a Clear Message

You’ve only got a few seconds to make your impression as people pass by your sign. Make sure any words that are not completely necessary are removed from your message before printing your custom signs. For example, the phrase “Get your free sample today!” can be condensed to “Get a free sample!” without changing the meaning or excitement of the message. It is important to use large font for your well written headline to ensure ease of interpretation.

Include Lots of White Space

Filling your custom signs up with too much information or graphics can make it confusing to those who have never seen it before. The best way to make sure that your sign isn’t cluttered is simply to make sure that there are areas of the sign that have nothing for potential customers to focus on. In other words, it’s good to have blanks spots so unnecessary focus isn’t taken from the message itself.

Placement is Important

Your outdoor sign should be placed in a way that makes it easy to read before actually passing by the sign. Potential customers who can read the sign as they approach it have a little more time to get key information such as a phone number or your business hours. Position your sign as close to eye level as possible for maximum exposure.

These tips and tricks will help you to get the most out of promoting your business with an outdoor custom signs. You should start to notice an increase in customer interest within just weeks of putting your sing up.