Banner Printing: Professional Vs Unprofessional Companies TNT Signs and Graphics Santa RosaSign and banner printing for your business is one of the most effective and affordable types of marketing available. Your signage provides the ability to promote your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You’ll find that banners will increase your authority within your industry, and help to build your brand so you’re easily recognizable within your community. But it’s important to work with a professional when it comes to banner printing, as opposed to trying to design and produce them yourself. And working with a “discount” printer or one who hasn’t been in the game long can be a mistake too. Here’s why:

Banner Printing Experience

One of the most important reasons to stay away from brand new printing companies or those who don’t have a large portfolio is because of limited experience. Without the advantage of experience from an established professional company, you may very well end up with a banner that isn’t crisp and clear, that cuts off your design and text, or that doesn’t portray your color palette properly. A professional banner printing company has all of these things covered and more.

Industry Knowledge

If your banner printing company doesn’t have extensive industry knowledge, you can’t expect them to help you design an effective marketing banner for your business. Professional companies who have proven their abilities in the printing industry understand what types of text, colors, and designs are most effective for your type of business, ensuring that your completed banners are attractive, vibrant, and effective. And professional banner printing companies also understands the rules and regulations that need to be followed when designing and installing your signs.

Use of Materials

Materials are an essential consideration during banner printing. The wrong materials will shred, shrink, and fade due to outdoor elements, which is something that you shouldn’t have to deal with. When working with a professional banner printing company that has extensive experience and an impressive portfolio, you can be sure that your banners are made with materials that will hold up for many years to come.


You aren’t an expert in banner creation, so your banner printing company should take the reigns and provide you with insight while guiding you through the design and creation process. You need to be able to count on your service provider to ask you the right questions that can be used to design and create your signage. Everything from size and design, to text and graphics will come to life and set your business apart from the competition when you’ve got the right professional banner printing company on your side.

And finally, professional printing companies typically have access to better pricing for their materials because they deal with a large number of clients, which results in some savings for you when you’re ready to get your banners created.