The best advertising is truly mobile, and there’s no better way to say “howdy” to your customers than by bringing your message to their doorstep. A vehicle wrap installer can give you that additional piece of marketing arsenal needed to get your message out there.

The nice thing about vehicle wraps is you can do that, and gain a ton of customers, without being overly intrusive or off-putting.

When you slap a vehicle wrap onto one of your vehicles, you get get your brand out there in vibrantly colored, attention-grabbing fashion and give customers the chance to take in your message.

Cost-efficiently reaching an audience of thousands per day, and doing so in a way that not’s aggressive or off-putting: Sounds like a great idea to us!

Car wrapping professional wrapping side mirror with vinyl foil or film

Tips for Hiring a Vehicle Wrap Installer

As with any form of advertising, the proof is truly in the pudding. Vehicle wraps can bring you a huge amount of impressions without your having to break the bank, sacrifice your brand integrity or pay each time that your message meets customers’ attention.

That said, when vehicle wraps are amateurishly installed you could be getting all kinds of bad press and – in spite of vehicle wrap’s runaway success as an affordable yet effective advertising medium – be doing more harm than good by your customers. So, here’s a list of tips we’ve devised to let you know whether you’re getting a quality vehicle wrap installer:

  • Tip #1 – Ask About a Track Record

Ask the vehicle wrap installer how many wraps they’ve put on in the last few years. Chances are that if the number is high or off-the-charts that this vehicle wrap installer knows what it’s doing and can find repeat business.

You might also ask around and find out how many of the companies that the vehicle wrap installer helped over the last year or two recommended the vehicle wrap installer to other businesses. A lot of recommendations means you’re probably dealing with a wrap installer that produces results.

And an even quicker litmus test is asking local Santa Rosa businesses where they got their wrap done and whether they’re happy with it or not. You might also (politely) ask how their business has improved since they slapped wraps on their company vehicles.

  • Tip #2: Check for Quality Materials

When it comes to vehicle wraps 3M, Avery and Oracal tend to be the top dogs. These brands deliver consistently high results, vibrant colors, great warranties and enough lamination to protect your advertising investment for years to come.

  • Tip #3: Get Warranty Info Upfront

The top vehicle wrap suppliers – the 3Ms of the vehicle wrap world – typically provide warranties from between three to seven years. The average is about five years.

Colors like red and yellow are said to fade slightly quicker over time. If you’re using a lot of these colors in your logo and vehicle wrap vinyl prints, then look to make sure that your vehicle wrap installer is 3M authorized and/or offering a generous warranty.

  • Tip #4: Follow Up with Former Clients

The unique thing about vehicle wrap installer’s clients is that they’re all around and easily accessible.

All you have to do is call the number listed on the side of the vehicle – sometimes displayed on the vehicle wrap company’s website – and ask them how the wraps are holding up and drawing business for them.

  • Tip #5: Is This a “Wrap” Shop?

Find out whether you’re dealing with a vehicle wrap installer that exclusively handles vehicle wraps. It’s not a problem if this particular installer has other kinds of business, but try to find an installer that has trained and certified vehicle wrap installers on site. It can really make a difference. Contact us for more information.