How often have you fallen victim to this? You are in line at a retail store, and you pick a chocolate bar or a pack of gum as you were paying for the groceries? You grab it almost without thinking, without a second thought and you pay for it with the rest of the items.

If you can relate to this, you aren’t alone, and it is not by chance. This is the effect of a point of purchase or retail display. Retailers have long been using its power, and you too can use to boost your sales.

Benefits of Retail Displays

Retail and Tradeshow Displays
  • First, they create brand awareness – Customers have more information than any other time in history, and trying to create a lasting impression will be difficult. A retail display, creates a tactile message, meeting the customers when they are already in a “purchase decision mindset.”
  • They boost sales – Retail displays are effective since they create a connection with the customer when they are ready to spend. 82% of purchasing decisions are made while in the store and thus increasing promotional displays for your goods will better the sales. Retail displays make the items seem like must-haves and customers instinctively throw them in the purchase basket.
  • Affordable – Unlike other methods of marketing (think radio and digital advertising), retail displays are cost-effective and reusable. Custom designed vinyl or corrugated cardboard still last a long time and provide the required visual appeal.

Retail displays should be placed in areas with high traffic and when customers are willing to spend.

Benefits of Tradeshow Displays

A good tradeshow display is necessary as it grabs your customer’s attention while showcasing your product. It is a highly visible statement of your business or company, and you benefit by attracting customers thus generating leads. Below are some more benefits of tradeshow displays.

  • Connect with your target group – People who visit tradeshows and fairs are already highly motivated to interact with your business and customers. Aesthetically pleasing signage helps customers connect better with you, and you can draw them in.
  • Brand building – Good signage does more than increase your customers and sales. It helps position you as a strong player in the market. Branding gets you, new customers, as it drums up referral business. It increases the value of your company by giving you more leverage in the industry and makes your business a more appealing investment opportunity.
  • Reusable – Finally, tradeshow displays are reusable unlike online ads or radio advertisement. You can use them in different shows and fairs before the design becomes outdated.


Traditional marketing,that is retail and tradeshow displays are still quite useful, despite coming under heavy competition from digital advertising. Signage is a part of our everyday life, and thus retail and tradeshow displays fit right in. Including the above to your marketing plan will increase your sales and build your brand.

Ensure that your retail and tradeshow displays are appealing and that they are well positioned (preferably in high traffic areas). You can also contact us for all your retail and tradeshow display needs.