Banners Santa Rosa HanselYour banners will make the greatest impact when displayed professionally. Attaching the banner might be more or less complicated, depending on what sort of walls and structures you have available.

No matter the location, you can figure out an easy, sturdy solution for attaching your banner where you want it. You have lots of great location options:

  • Walls and ceilings
  • Brick and stone walls (with a special drill bit)
  • Grassy outdoor areas
  • Fences and poles
  • Windows

The materials of your surfaces (plaster walls, wooden paneling, etc.) will help determine how you should attach the banner. You can make it quick and easy, and you can also use a hammer or drill to create a more permanent solution. Consider the size and weight of your banner and the tools that make sense for your location.

Here are the most popular ways to attach vinyl banners:


Bungee cables make it easy because the hook and line come together in one item. In fact, you can potentially hang a banner with one bungee cable just by connecting it to a grommet on the top right and left sides, with the cable wrapped around a beam or other structure.

Otherwise, just attach your bungees to the banner’s grommets and hook the other end of each cable onto your mounting surface. If necessary, use nails or suction cups to create a place for the bungees to attach.

Hanging Clips and Zip Ties

Like a keychain or carabiner, hanging clips snap onto your banner so you can hang it from a cable or fishing line running above. Plastic zip ties can be used similarly. These can be used in conjunction with the other methods, too.

Suction Cups

Protect your surfaces and attach your banner to flat walls with suction cups. Look for suction cups that have a hook attached so you can easily hang the banner, and be sure to use enough suction cups to support the weight.


Add Velcro to your banners and easily attach them in different locations. This works well for table banners at conferences, temporary and seasonal banners, and in locations where you don’t want to drill a hole or hammer a nail.

Mounting on Walls

Attach banners to flat walls with push pins, or use nails or screws for an even sturdier fix. If you install plastic wall anchors, you can attach your banner with screws and re-use the wall anchors whenever you want to change out the banner. If you have brick, stone, or metal walls, make sure to use a drill bit intended for the right material.

Mounting on Ceilings

In addition to the methods above, one way to hang banners from ceilings involves a pole pocket. A pocket along the top of a banner lets you hang it like a curtain rod. Run a pole through the banner and hang it with cords, ropes, or cables, using ceiling hooks, ceiling tiles or other structures above.

Using Banners on Lawns

Make your sign visible outside by planting stakes in the ground. Just use zip ties, metal hooks, bungee cords, or other methods to attach the signs to the stakes.

Feel free to ask for advice if you’re unsure how to attach your banner in a tricky location. It’s worth figuring out how to attach your banner safely and securely in the location it needs to be.