Custom banners serve a really unique function in the advertising world. They’re one of the few forms of advertising that take place at the point of sale, and it all starts with banner printing.

Something like a television commercial doesn’t typically connect with people when they have their wallets out – they might be about to fall asleep when another Aflac ad pops on the tube.

Banner printing is different and lets you optimize the time and place.

Seize The Point-of-sale Moment! 

Banner Printing

Capitalizing on that point-of-sale moment is critical to getting more business. It’s the reason that grocery stores have magazines and candy bars near the cash register: These chains know that’s when you’re likely to make those kinds of purchases.

Banner printing can let you harness that same spur-the-moment power to persuade customers. There are times when customers are more apt to make a purchase – e.g., gift shops at the end of a tour or a merchandise tent outside a concert venue.

Steer customers in that crucial moment with the right banner. You might only have seconds to capture and sustain their attention.

Redirect Traffic Following Changes 

You can get custom vinyl banners made up in a hurry to redirect foot traffic and people’s attention to where you want it.

Let’s face it – sometimes you want to stand out from the crowd. Banner printing can let you make that bold statement and let customers know that you’ve arrived.

Because custom banners are so affordable and eminently portable, you can use them to announce new events or redirect customers based on a rearrangement of your indoor layout.

Make Your Brand and Services Memorable 

People remember banners. There’s a saying that “it pays to advertise,” and that’s true when it comes to banner printing insofar as people will remember your banner when they need a fix for their problem.

Your durable vinyl banner can stay up outdoors for literally years. That’s a lot of time for people to take notice.

Let’s say someone repeatedly sees your banner on the way to work every morning. They might not have a problem that particular day, but someday they’ll need some help and remember your banner.

Banner printing just flat out delivers ROI back to your business since you can leave banners up for a long time and reap the benefits.

Unlike other forms of advertising in which you have to pay out every time the ad is shown to a customer, with banner printing there’s virtually no limit to how many people can see your banner or where you put your advertising.

Skyrocket Your Brand Recognition 

Brand recognition is the extent to which the people in your community can identify your brand by its unique attributes. Ideally, you want to get to the point where people know your brand by a jingle, logo, or banner.

Banner printing can help your company increase something called brand recall as well; brand recall is when customers think of your brand name when they’re told to name a certain category of products and services.

Research into increasing brand recognition and brand recall shows that you should do three main things to stay in customers’ heads: convey a heartfelt message and connect on an emotional level; provide and talk about your great customer service; and, show customers your appreciation.

You can do all three with banner printing. A glossy, colorful vinyl banner showing people having a great time connects with customers.

You could also try putting “rated number one in customer service” on a few of your banners, and remind customers about your loyalty program on some in-store banners. Contact us for more information.