Durable vinyl banners for your Santa Rosa business are extremely durable and weather resistant. They are perfect tools that are there when you need them and can be conveniently stowed away when you don’t.

Conveniently Hang or Stow Away

Vinyl Banners

The ability to easily take down and roll up a vinyl banner makes it a really flexible advertising tool. If you’re getting the word out about an upcoming promotion – for example, because you have an overstock of a particular item and want to shore up the inventory space – simply roll out your banner, hang it up with rope through the banner’s grommets, and you’re ready to go. Vinyl banners are really easy to conveniently hang around your store. Any kind of rope or bungee cord will be plenty of strength.

Another reason that vinyl banners are so easy to work with is that they’re lightweight. You can literally take your banner down, roll it up in a matter of minutes, and put it up at another spot (indoors or outdoors) within a couple of minutes. Advertising in Santa Rosa is all about being flexible yet professional, and vinyl banners allow you to do both at the same time.

Seamlessly Blend Text and Images

When you look at the direction that digital advertising is taking, you’ll notice that the most effective forms blend text and images in a way that powerfully connects with audiences. Video content and video marketing are hugely popular because they blend words and images, just like vinyl banners. When someone hears information, they only retain 10% of the message a few days later. When they see an image and hear the same information, they retain 65% of the message. That’s a big jump.

Vinyl banners for your Santa Rosa business can deliver that same powerful effect by enabling you to mix attention-grabbing graphics and your business logo with persuasive text that gets customers through the door and making a beeline to the register.

Vinyl Banners are Fully Customizable

All of that flexibility stems from the fact that vinyl banners are extremely customizable in terms of materials, color scheme, text and size. If you have a big sale and you want all of Santa Rosa to know about it, then a huge vinyl banner with a screaming headline might be the way to trumpet that message out to the public.

Since you can customize so much, you can choose whether you want to hang your banner vertically or horizontally. In most cases, the layout of your storefront and interior of the store will dictate whether you should go sideways or up-and-down vertically with a banner, but in the end it’s your call.

Combining the flexibility of vinyl banners with their customizability, you can absolutely take down a smaller banner from your store and use it at a trade show or for another purpose. If you have an upcoming fundraiser, know that rolling up and unfurling a vinyl banner couldn’t be easier.

Great Return on Investment

In the same way that car wraps are an unbelievable value in terms of the affordability of the wrap compared to the amount of views that it generates for your business, vinyl banners really generate results. Vinyl banners are well within the budgets of most businesses in Santa Rosa, and they can go on to generate attention for your business for years to come thanks to their durability and attractiveness.

For durability, flexibility, portability, bright colors, interesting graphics and a message that’s hard to ignore, vinyl banners clearly make an extremely effective advertising tool.  Contact us for more information.