Vinyl Banner Printing: A Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

In the days before digital printing and vinyl banners, you were lucky to get a banner that went far beyond the sophistication of clip art graphics. Before digital printing, banner lettering was incredibly cheesy, blocky and just overall unrealistic.

Advantages of Vinyl Banner Printing

Before getting to the advantages of vinyl banner printing, it’s important to take stock on where we’ve come from. It used to be that vinyl banners were made from a process known as heat pressing; your message would be physically pressed onto another piece of vinyl in a much cruder process than we use today.

In the days before digital printing met vinyl banners – when the dinosaurs were roaming the Earth and Elvis was still on the radio, in other words – you ran into two problems. Because heat pressing was such a limited way to run prints, you’d inherently be dealing with subpar lettering and, by today’s digital printing standards, shoddy graphics. Durability also used to be an issue when any business owner floated the idea of vinyl banners.

Digital Printing: A Game Changer

Enter digital printing and customizability. The advantages digital printing has over heat pressing can’t be overstated – you can now get customized vinyl banners more affordably than ever before. The banners that you’re getting for your business, moreover, can be tailored around your logos, promotions and dimension requirements.

Due to the nature of digital printing, you can more affordably get what you’re looking for and have much more faith in your banner’s long-term durability. You also have a wider color palette to choose from, and digital printers can take your ideas and turn them into lifelike representations on vinyl banners.

Vinyl Banners and Cost Efficiency

And guess what? The fact that vinyl banners are so durable makes them extremely cost-efficient since they don’t need to be replaced nearly as often, or at all. Compared to paper or even cloth banners, vinyl banners have a huge leg-up when it comes to being able to weather time outdoors.

Can you even imagine a paper banner making it more than two or three days with California’s heat, humidity and rain. Well, if you’re going for that dripping-red Halloween look, then the smeared text on a paper banner might be just what you’re looking for. We’re only kidding, but people need to realize that even cloth isn’t nearly as weatherproofed as vinyl banners, and vinyl banners are mile’s ahead of paper when it comes to overall tear resistance.

Vinyl banners can weather time outdoors more effectively for another reason: Vinyl banners have inbuilt UV protection to weatherproof your investment against the harshness of California’s punishing rays.

This means that with digital printing onto vinyl you’re getting a wider selection of colors, graphics and size options…and that everything you request go on the banner will stay there and not fade.

Use Again and Again

Vinyl banner printing can be used to get the word out about time-sensitive promotions, share your contact details with customers and spread the message around at trade shows. The versatility of vinyl banners coupled with their affordability and durability makes vinyl banner printing a cost-effective marketing solution.