Digital laser printing technology and the ability to bring your banners, signs, and vehicle wraps alive is the future of real-world advertising. The vehicle wraps industry is literally a billion-dollar industry because this kind of real-world advertising racks up the views and exposure you need to grow your business.

Vehicle Wraps

Technician applying light bronze vinyl vehicle wrap to vehicleVehicle wraps (cars, vans, and trucks) are a type of extremely powerful real-world advertising. This form of advertising has been called a “mobile billboard” because it allows you to radically overhaul the appearance of your vehicle as it flies around town and without the permanence of a new paint job. Fact is, vehicle wraps open more doors creatively compared to paint jobs.

Though hard to believe, you can go from a vector file (e.g., EPS, AI, or PDF) on your computer to one of these mobile billboards in a few clicks. What’s more, vehicle wraps can be applied in a week or less. The exact turnaround time will depend on the complexity of the wrap (e.g., curved surfaces on your vehicle) and whether you’re wrapping your entire fleet for greater benefits.

Vinyl Banners 

Vinyl banners feature the same kind of durability since they are designed to last for five years or longer. Because vinyl banners are created using digital files (vector graphics) and wide-format (a.k.a., large-format) printers, you’ll have all the tools to bring your brand to life in a big way: Wide-format prints can be over eight feet wide and work great in front of stores!

Vinyl banners can be used for a host of different industries and companies of all sizes because they can work to increase your exposure and put you in greater touch with your customers – make sure to include your contact information and social media handles. Actually, service and hospitality industries receive unique benefits from vinyl banners and vehicle wraps because they derive so much of their business from real-world exposure and word of mouth.

Banners and vehicle wraps are fully customizable to the needs of your business. If you’re looking for an even more economical way to get the word out and add another layer of professionalism to your business, then you absolutely need to know a bit more about decals and stickers. Decals and stickers, like car wraps and banners, are constructed from weather-resistant vinyl. They also happen to augment your exposure and brand awareness.

Stickers and Decals 

It is often said that all decals are stickers but not all stickers are decals. That’s because a decal is a special kind of sticker that comes with a paper backing, the decal in question, and a paper layer on the front. Stickers, by contrast, typically are simpler in design with your decorative (branded) layer on front with adhesive as well as a peelable paper backing.

Both decals and stickers are typically laminated and can last for years whether you decide to showcase your brand inside or outdoors. In fact, because both decals and stickers are so affordable, you might want to consider handing out stickers at trade shows or enclose them with delivered orders. For the tech savvy, consider adding QR codes on some of your decals and stickers.

Die-cut and Kiss-cut Stickers 

How are all of these things made, though? Well, stickers can be die cut or kiss cut. Come again? A die-cut sticker has basically been cut to the exact shape that you’ve requested, which means that the paper backing will also be cut to the exact shape. Simply peel and place! A kiss-cut sticker, on the other hand, has a square backing that may be larger than the brand you’re highlighting; you’ll still be able to get creative with your background.

Retractable Banners 

Need a banner for a one-off trade show or something to take on the go? Then you should definitely check out retractable vinyl banners. Retractable vinyl banners are just as customizable as vinyl banners, which are hung into place with the help of grommets. With the possibility of adding eye-popping graphics and vibrant colors, retractable banners will definitely turn heads and get your business a look!

Cover all of your bases with vehicle wraps, vinyl banners, as well as stickers and decals. Click here to get started bringing your brand to life!