A lot of people out there are convinced that stickers are for kids. While they are not entirely wrong, they fail to recognize stickers as a powerful marketing tool when used appropriately. Car stickers are a perfect way to give your vehicle a boost and an excellent form of mobile marketing.

Nonetheless, before you think of using car stickers for marketing, you must develop a strategy or idea that will differentiate you from competitors. Here are the top tips when selecting the right car stickers for your business.

Simplicity Works Magic

Technician Applying Car Sticker You have a lot you wish to share about your brand, but that does not mean you should force it all to fit on the stickers. Adding too much information will make the car stickers complicated regardless of their size. This makes it hard for people to read. Remember that individuals driving past your car only have a few seconds to read and understand the sticker’s content. You should, therefore, make it as simple and straightforward as possible.

Whether you decide to do a DIY sticker design or hire us at TNT Signs and Graphics for the job, the style should be as simple as it could be. You can borrow ideas from the internet to get insight into the recommended style.

Less is More

As much as you want the car stickers to stand out amid competitors, adding too many details does not help in marketing. Viewers are most likely to see the additional features and miss out on the critical information, rendering the marketing attempt useless. Your personal preference should not drive you to make the wrong choices for your business. Just because you are into sophisticated drawings does not make the idea suitable for your brand.

The Background Should Match Your Brand

The background color of the car stickers should represent your brand. With this, even if your brand name is left out, viewers will have an idea of who you are and what you do simply by looking at the colors used. Color is a significant aspect of brand identity. Take your time and research different colors and their meanings in business before rushing to pick a mix of colors.

Go Slow on the Brand

While the primary goal of car stickers is to create brand awareness, you should not sound too salesy. Mentioning your brand all over the stickers beats this marketing tool’s purpose, and so does including your business logo. Instead, you can leave that to a small part of the sticker and focus the rest on your services or products and the traits that make you better than competitors. Adding your contact information is also an excellent idea. Include your website address, phone number, or social media handle but make it simple and easy to grab.

The Content Should be Readable from Far

As earlier mentioned, people will only have a few seconds to read and understand the message as they drive past your car. If possible, avoid using text as it can be hard to capture when the vehicle is on the move. Product labels are much better but if you settle on using text, make it large enough to read without struggling.

Consider the Available Space

Where do you wish to add the car stickers? This could be on the car windows, the bump, or on the door. The best spot will depend on the available space and the most exposed areas of your vehicle. It will be such a waste if you add car stickers to advertise your brand only for them to go unnoticed.

Take Away

Car stickers are a perfect way to give your vehicle a lift and advertise your brand. Nonetheless, you must be strategic when applying the stickers to obtain the highest ROI from the venture. Seek the experts’ help and let them advise you on the ideal design and the right place to apply the stickers. Contact us for more information.