Stickers for cars are quickly becoming one of the most popular, affordable, and effective promotional products out there.

Small enough to fit in your direct mail marketing and compact enough to keep near your register , stickers for cars make it easy for your customers to promote your business.

Kiss-cut Stickers are Insanely Versatile

Stickers for Cars

For everyday use you’re probably going to want to go with kiss-cut stickers. These kind of stickers are very easy for customers to handle since they typically come with a square backing, which lets your customers easily peel them off.

Kiss-cut stickers can let you get more marketing information out to the public as well. Because this type of sticker typically comes on sheets or rolls you have more of a canvas to work with.

The best part might be the versatility for your customers. They can pop a few stickers on their laptops and even use a few as stickers for cars because vinyl is so durable.

Stickers for Cars: Transfer Stickers are the Holy Grail

A transfer sticker is no slouch when it comes to durability either but the advantage with this type of vinyl sticker is that the backing is transparent.

That means your business logo or lettering is the only thing that customers typically see when they press a transfer sticker across their laptop or use these as stickers for cars.

Transfer stickers are sometimes known as vinyl cut stickers or vinyl lettering (the latter name is more common).

The reason these are sometimes called vinyl lettering is basically because many businesses like to simply have their company name spelled out for aesthetic reasons.

Because of that clean look, vinyl transfer stickers go really well on the back windows of cars and pickup trucks.

To get there, you simply remove the backing, then set the transfer sticker on the surface you want it on (usually a window). From there you press it down, pull the transfer tape off, and you’re ready to go!

  • Awesome for Business and Pleasure

Because of how “clean” it looks to have a transfer sticker on your glass surface without any background showing, a lot of businesses use transfer stickers for their storefronts and as customer swag.

People appreciate you going the extra mile and handing out a professionally done vinyl sticker that they’ll actually use on their cars and trucks.

Transfer stickers are surprising easy to work with yet they lend a polished, professional image to a small business when used as storefront stickers to give customers a rundown of store hours.

You can get transfer stickers with your own unique business logo and choice of regular vinyl or reflective vinyl. These stickers can get pretty big – 24 X 24 inches isn’t out of the question (that’s nearly 600 square inches of real estate!).

When it comes to stickers for cars and getting noticed, bigger is usually better.

Since there’s not a traditional color background with transfer stickers, you won’t have to worry about not being able to see out the back window of your car either.

Watch the Price Per Sticker Plummet as You Bulk Order

Another cool thing about ordering vinyl stickers for cars is that you’ll literally save with every sticker you order.

The first sticker is always the priciest, but you wind up paying a progressively smaller fraction of that price per sticker as the size of your order increases.

Both kiss-cut and transfer stickers can be used on cell phones, laptops, and windows depending on the size and what you and your customers are after. The more you buy, the more you save! Contact us for more information.