Car decals are not only attractive but also, with the right strategy, they are a perfect way to advertise your brand. Decals for cars are an endless advertisement forum and a great way to give your vehicle a face-lift. However, to enjoy the benefits of these car wraps, you must be willing to invest in their maintenance. This will help you maximize your returns on investment and keep your car in its best shape for the longest time.

Well maintained decals for cars will serve you for a long time, which helps you save on replacement funds. The good thing is that the vinyl wraps are super easy to maintain, and if done right, you can trust that they will serve you for up to seven years. This is a long time for your car to look fresh, which you cannot enjoy if you opt to stick with the typical car painting. Let us have a look at the top tips for long-lasting decals for cars.

Quality Installation

Technician applying bronze color wrap to vehicleThe first tip to help you enjoy long-lasting decals for cars is to entrust the installation process to experts. Regardless of how much effort you put in maintaining the decals, it will be in vain if the wraps were poorly installed. Subsequently, the decals for cars must be of high quality; otherwise, it will only take a few months before the wrap starts wearing.

Regular Cleaning

The frequency of cleaning the decals for cars depends on how often you use the vehicle and the used routes. Weather is also a huge determinant of how often you should clean the vinyl wraps. For instance, muddy and dusty routes call for frequent cleaning. Nonetheless, the key to long-lasting decals is to use the right cleaning products and methods. Avoid using harsh chemicals and hard brush as this can quickly damage the decal. Use a mild detergent, water, and soft cloth or entrust the cleaning process to experts to avoid making costly mistakes.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

It is highly recommendable that you park your vehicle under shade for an increased lifespan. Strong sunlight will cause the graphics on decals for cars to fade, which beats the wraps’ primary purpose. The harsh lights may also weaken the decals, leading to fast wearing. To avoid this, always park your car in a sheltered garage when not in use. Nonetheless, as much as you want to keep the vehicle under a shade, avoid parking it under trees to protect it from falling leaves and branches that could ruin the car.

Restore the Graphics Color Regularly

Regardless of the quality of the decals for cars or how much effort you put into maintenance, the vinyl wrap is bound to start fading over time. This is mainly due to exposure to UV light or moisture effects during the wet season. Luckily, you do not necessarily have to replace everything once the graphics and color start to fade off. You can have them restored by letting a professional rewrite the content or redesign the drawing to leave the decal looking as good as new. However, you should entrust this task to experienced personnel to avoid messing with the original design and purpose of the decal.

Final Thoughts

Decals for cars are an attractive addition both for business and family vehicles. The wraps are an excellent way to protect the paintwork and advertise your brand without high ongoing costs. You can also get customized decals for cars to differentiate your vehicle and give it a feel of your identity. Nonetheless, the decals require proper maintenance to remain functional and keep your car looking as good as new for an extended period. The tips above will make maintaining decals for cars seamless and help you save both time and money. Contact us for more information.