A great storefront sign first has to grab your customers attention long enough for them to entertain the message. The problem is that a lot of local Santa Rosa businesses never get there because they play it too safe with their business signs. 

Show Some Personality  

Fortune really does favor the bold in the sense that a sign that causes your customers to laugh or cock an eyebrow is surer to capture their attention. While you definitely want to be bold and use legible fonts in your business signs, you also want to be clear and avoid confusing messaging. 

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Provide a Clear Message 

It’s amazing how many signs are out there that do the hard work of capturing customers’ attention but fail to give those same people a clear, actionable message. So make sure in your business signs you let customers know how your product helps them and where they can pick it up.

Personalize Your Message 

Also consider using words like “you” and “yours” in your business signs to get customers visualizing themselves after the purchase. Consider two different messages – “a new embroidered shirt” versus “your new embroidered shirt.” The second is clearly better because it’s more personal. 

Decide on a Focal Point  

There’s an art and a science to window displays for retail stores, but those same principles can be applied to any business sign in Santa Rosa. You basically want your sign to be visible no matter what angle customers have when they look in to your store.

So make sure that your sign is visible to people walking by on the sidewalk and commuters on the bus or in their cars. When you’re putting yourself in the customers’ shoes, also consider what you want to be the focal point of your storefront display.  

Whether you’re talking about window displays or your business signs, making something bigger the centerpiece and having smaller items surrounding that draws the eye in and causes customers to scan everything on offer. This draws people in and allows them to focus and visualize a purchase once you’ve got their attention. 

Keep the View Clear 

Make sure that you you’re not blocking off a view of your store with your window display or storefront sign. You can actually get “clear” storefront signs that have a translucent background so that you can convey information like your store hours without blocking off the view to your Santa Rosa location. 

Track Your Surroundings 

As incredible as it might seem to some business owners reading this, many businesses pick up a sign without really paying attention to what’s around them. Imagine how hard it would be, for instance, for a business to stand out with a red-and-white sign even it was sandwiched between other nearby businesses with a similar color scheme. 

Doing something different sometimes means making sure that your sign stands out from the competition. Make sure that your business sign stands out from everything around you and isn’t obscured by things like overhanging trees. Your sign should ideally be at eye level for customers and readable from the most conspicuous angles for those same customers. 

Vary the Font Sizes 

This is more of a messaging point, but it’s essential for getting your message across to time-strapped customers. Put your company’s name in a slightly larger front than your business slogan and contact information. A stark contrast between text and background makes for an easier read. On that point, consider putting your sign by ample lighting. 

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