Whether you operate the oldest winery in Sonoma County, own an in-home dog training service in Santa Rosa, or manage the best deli at the local market, it doesn’t matter unless your potential customers now you exist! While the various social media platforms can provide detailed information about your business, finding your physical location requires more than a great blog or white paper. It demands exceptional, accurate, and creative signage. Here are different ways signs for business can attract and help new and established customers.

Drive-By Viewings

Who doesn’t notice the wording and graphics on the vehicle next to them at a red light? One of the easiest and best ways to reach a truly diverse demographic of potential customers is to get a vehicle wrap for your company car or fleet. You don’t have to be in the delivery service to reap the benefits of these types of signs for business. Custom-designed and cleverly-created vehicle wraps draw the attention of others — whether your vehicle is parked in a lot, on the expressway, or sitting at a red light.

A Room Without a View

Signs for Business

Operate a nail salon? Chances are pretty high that your clients don’t want passers-by (whether on foot or in a vehicle) seeing them relaxing in an over-sized massage chair getting a pedicure! Classy, strategically-placed window decals are not only informative to the potential customer driving by or window shopping, but also provide privacy to the staff and clientele inside. In addition, these types of signs for business can be designed for both sides of a window – inside and out – enabling the clients to read information about current or upcoming specials, holiday well wishes, or simply inspirational quotes.

The Multi-Department Maze

Have a lot of diverse departments at your place? If you create custom floral arrangements at one end of your business and offer sustainable, organically-grown fruits and vegetables at the other, how is a new patron to your place going to know that without the help of a distinctive banner over the department? These signs for business allow shoppers simply to look up and see which way to go to find the particular item or department they seek. Without a banner, they’re just blindly traveling up and down aisles hoping to find what they’re looking for while getting frustrated when they don’t need to be!  Beautifully-created banners help to make shopping what it should be – enjoyable and stress-free.

“It’s the Building Next to the One With the Cool Sign!”

Your business doesn’t have to be a traditional brick-and-mortar store to experience the value of effective signs for business. Even if you do all your customer sales online but own a warehouse in town that ships the orders, there is no reason your building should not have a unique and memorable sign displaying your business name on it.  Having a head-turning sign — meticulously crafted with a memorable logo — is a sure way to have others notice your business and easily identify your brand.

Ideas for the use and design of signs for businesses are as diverse and unlimited as the materials used to create them.  From yard signs, electrical signs, and cool standees & cutouts, to electrical signs and wall graphics, your company’s physical presence in the real world is dependent upon the signage you choose to represent it. Imagine a strip mall of businesses displaying just their address on the building, a trade show without any banners, or a car dealership without window decals!  Signs for business help companies to increase their brand awareness while making it super stress-free for patrons to find them! Contact us for more information.