Car Decals

When you think of advertising with vehicle graphics, you might picture something wild like a bright green sports car emblazoned with an energy drink logo. But look around the road, and you’ll quickly realize that there are car decals for businesses of all kinds.

Whether it’s the loaner car from an auto shop, the catering van of a classy restaurant, or a local plumber’s work truck, you can find car decals that work well for advertising.

First, you have options for window decals and vehicle graphics:

  • Full vehicle wraps
  • Partial vehicle wraps
  • Vinyl lettering
  • See-through perforated window decals
  • And more custom options for auto decals

Examples of Successful Car Decal Advertising

Wondering if car decals really work to drum up business? Here are some ways that vehicle graphics can help boost your brand awareness:

Service providers: Plumbers, electricians, maid services, pest control, roofing companies, or just about any other residential service provider should be using car decals for fleet vehicles. Your customers’ neighbors instantly know who to call when they need the same service.

Restaurants and caterers: Own an upscale Italian restaurant? Put the logo and address on the door or window. Run a barbecue food truck or a party catering company? Add a full vehicle wrap to turn heads and make your arrival an event unto itself!

Breweries and vineyards: Giant beverage corporations spend billions on advertising, but people strongly prefer to go local for craft brews and California wine. Decals for your personal vehicle or delivery trucks spread the word around town and keep your brand top-of-mind.

Professional services: Lawyers, accountants, dentists, doctors, and other professionals tend to have physical locations that are less noticeable from the road. Car decals work for advertising just by sitting in your parking lot.

Healthcare and senior care: Branding gives authority to the fleet vehicles of home health aides, senior daycare providers, veterinarians that make house calls, and similar situations where you don’t want to show up in an unmarked vehicle.

Considerations Before Applying Car Decals

First, think about whether you want permanent or removable decals. Magnets can be removed anytime, while transfer decals can be removed easily without harming paint when it’s time to retire the graphics.

Then think about how much coverage you want. Full car wrap decals are probably best for industries like food and beverage, entertainment, and service companies like landscapers. Other business might prefer smaller decals or simple lettering for the name, phone number, and website.

Finally, it’s time to find a car decal maker with high-tech equipment that can produce logos in true colors, photos in high resolution, and products with lasting quality. While some decals can be applied by anyone with a ruler in hand, wraps and decals on curved surfaces or an intricate auto body should definitely be installed by an experienced pro.

For full-service help from the design to application for car decals in Santa Rosa, contact us at TNT Signs and Graphics!