How do I get there…?

Directional SignsI’ve touched on this topic previously and so let me use an anecdote. The story goes where you and the family are traveling cross country and although you have your map showing all the stops along the way, even with GOOGLE, what most likely isn’t part of the itinerary are the “PIT STOPS” or “FACILITIES” which seem to always have their level of importance to every traveler. And so a true breath of fresh air (no pun intended) is the sign that comes up dictating this need along with a cold drink or quick snack…yes…the INFORMATIVE SIGNS that ‘fill the gap’ in those times of need.

DIRECTIONAL and INFORMATIVE SIGNS are crucial and for the most I would go so far as to say subliminally taken in in terms of necessity. When you think about it they’re always (for the most) just there…standing their post and ready to serve when called upon which there too is done out of a somewhat subconscious sort of urgency or need—they are not pretty like the a VEHICLE WRAP or GRAND MARQUIS at a Las Vegas casino…no they’re plain yet distinct—and yet subtle and fulfilling at the same time.

Think about going to a Museum and you’re looking for a particular venue or showing…chances are there will be signs DIRECTING you to that area. Or you’re at the zoo…you’ll be directed from start to finish with these types of SIGNS even though there stands the chance that the TICKET BOOTH or ENTRANCE with the ANIMAL GRAPHICS above it are enough for those of us who can find it ourselves—yes—just walk right by those meant to be DIRECTIONAL SIGNS place strategically to help you do this—just in case.

But probably some of the best of these types of DIRECTIONAL and INFORMATIVE signs lie right on our streets and byways—these are those that let us know which off ramp to take or how long it will be till we reach our destinations. These SIGNS have been thought out with the very best intentions in mind…to INFORM and DIRECT us.

Moving escalator stairs, entrance exit signSo think about it…even though we can do things just fine all by ourselves…ordering pizza…driving to the restaurant in fact would be a no brainer—the fact is that I would go so far as to guess that 90% of us when needing those facilities are so quick to “just look for the doors”…no…we’re looking for that subtle, distinctive sign that “fulfills” the need.

These types of signs are on our side…they do more than the obvious—DIRECT and INFORM—no they go further because they were cleverly thought out. They gratify…answer questions…even say piss us off a bit…you know those signs that say DETOUR AHEAD…”wait…you mean I have to go a different way…?” Remember…the detour sign was thought out…it has a DISTINCT purpose…just in case you didn’t want to drive off the end of a bridge that was out…:o)

Yup these types of signs test us…they test our patience…attitude…compliance…and even our intelligence at times. They’re meant to INFORM…they’re meant to DIRECT…and they’re subtly and perfectly meant to keep us as humans moving in the right direction.