Custom wraps and signs can improve your business’s holiday sales and overall profits. Making use of these marketing tools is useful year-round, of course, but they can be especially helpful in boosting your business around the holidays. Business owners who have not had custom signs and car wraps designed for their business may want to consider doing so before the next holiday season hits. Here are a few ways to make use of these signs.


Custom Wraps Are a Great Way of Advertising Specials

Many businesses have holiday specials or promotional deals. If your business does, you know how important it is to advertise those deals to your customers. These promotions can do two things. First, they can improve your retention rate by bringing previous customers back to your store. Second, they can bring in new customers who are tempted by your special. People also tend to be more open to shopping at new stores during the holiday season because they are shopping for others instead of themselves.

Custom signs also point out your seasonal products. You may want to highlight holiday decorations, certain foods, specific gift products, and more. If you offer wrapping services during the holidays, you could use a sign to advertise this add-on.


Add a Countdown

FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out, is a powerful motivator that business owners and marketing experts need to understand how to leverage. When used correctly, FOMO can push your sales higher than ever before. During the holidays, you can harness FOMO by using a series of countdown signs. For example, you could do an “X weeks until Christmas” sign that you change out each weekend. You do have to invest a little more initially since you will need more signs, but again, you can use these banners for years.

You can also use signage to indicate seasonal products that will not be available after the end of the year or deals that are in effect for a limited time. Studies have shown that shoppers respond to the idea that quantities are limited or that something is available for a limited time, and your holiday signs can reinforce these ideas.


Custom Car Wraps Are Movable Billboards

Paying for a billboard can certainly bring in new customers if that billboard is in the right place. The location plays a very large role in how effective billboard advertising is. A custom car wrap, though, essentially acts as a billboard without this restriction. You’re advertising your holiday specials and your business in general wherever you go.

You can park in front of your business during the day to help bring in customers who are in the area. This effectively turns your vehicle into a stationary billboard during the day. During the evenings and weekends, you will be advertising wherever you go. During the holiday season, many people are going out more often. You may attend school holiday programs, visit relatives, do more shopping, and go to other events. Wherever you park, you’ll be advertising your business thanks to your custom wrap.

You may already have your company vehicle wrapped. However, you may find that the cost of having a new wrap for the holidays put on is well within your advertising budget. It may even cost less than renting a billboard.


Create a Holiday Atmosphere


During the holiday season, many customers enjoy visiting businesses that have put up decorations and are engaged with the holidays. Custom holiday signs can be one way of easily adding a little seasonal flair to your store without requiring you to hang a lot of tinsel or lights.

You don’t necessarily need holiday signs that are completely different from what you usually use. For example, if you have signs above each department in your store, you could simply replace them with signs that include wreaths, holiday lights, snowmen, or other festive images. A few “happy holidays” signs or similar could be placed near the entrance and exit. These custom signs can be used every year, so they’re a one-time investment.

In addition to creating a holiday atmosphere, these signs also subtly remind your customers that they may need to do some holiday shopping. This means they may buy gifts or other holiday-related items while in the store, improving your revenue.


Design Your Custom Holiday Signs and Car Wraps Today


The early fall is the perfect time to begin designing your holiday signage and car wraps. You want to ensure that they are ready by the first of November at the latest in order to take full advantage of the holiday shopping season.

If you’re ready to have your signs and wraps printed, TNT Signs can help. We can have your custom signage ready for the next holiday season. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


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