You can use decals and stickers in a number of different ways to promote your business and improve your bottom line. While most people think of custom decals as small handouts or free items you can give to customers, they can be used in a number of other ways. Here are a few different things you can do with custom stickers to improve your sales.


Custom Decals Can Brand Your Products


Using custom decals can be a good way of branding products. Having your company logo etched, stitched, or otherwise added to a product can be costly. However, stickers are very cost-effective. You can design your custom logo stickers to fit in specific places on the product, so it looks like the casing, packaging, or other part of the product was always meant to be branded. Then all you have to do is place the stickers on the products before you sell them. It’s a quick, easy, and affordable way to add your business’s logo or name to any item you sell.


Seal Packages or Bags with Stickers Custom Stickers Can Be Used To Seal Bags Or Show Special Sale Items


Another way of putting your company logo in front of your customers is to use a sticker as a seal on a product package, envelope, or bag. You can put a sticker on any packaging or bag, of course, but using a custom decal as a seal also shows customers that their products have not been tampered with. When a box or bag is sealed with a sticker, the customer knows that no one else has opened it. This helps build additional levels of trust with the customer.


Sealing a bag with a sticker shows customers that you care. It takes extra time to properly close up a bag and place the decal over the fold to keep it shut. If you’re in the food industry, sealing a bag with a sticker has a practical purpose, too: it helps keep the food in the bag hot. Customers will appreciate this extra step in keeping their meal warm and ready to eat.


When mailing out letters, you can use a sticker with your logo to seal the envelope shut. You should already have envelopes that have your company name and logo on them, so adding a sticker puts your logo on both sides of the envelope. It’s also a way to reassure the recipient that the letter has not been opened by anyone else. If you’re mailing documents that contain sensitive or personal information, they may appreciate that reassurance.


Use Stickers to Advertise Specials and Sales


While custom logo stickers can be used regularly to increase awareness of your brand, you can also create stickers for specific events, promotions, or products. You can put these stickers on other products or on your bags. You could also put a few of them in with any order. Making custom decals that are brightly colored, unique, or have fun images can be highly effective in marketing.


This is where the design of your sticker plays a significant role. If your stickers mainly focus on advertising the product or event, people may not want to use them on items. Instead, think about a sticker design that people would want to put on folders, cups, or other things. Then incorporate your advertising into this design. This can be especially effective with products aimed at children. Kids love stickers, so make promotional ones that they will want to put on their possessions.


Stickers Don’t Have to be SmallCustom Decals Can Help You Express Yourself


When people typically think about stickers, they think of small decals that are a few inches in size. However, they don’t have to be. You can create very large stickers that you can apply to the walls, windows, and even your vehicles.


Custom wall decals can be a great form of signage to help direct customers to specific parts of your store or to specific products. You can use them to advertise specials or new items. These large wall stickers can also be purely decorative. You can use them to transform a section of plain wall into a focal point, adding some variety to your store or office space.


You may also want to consider designing custom car decals. These large decals use a special adhesive designed for vehicles, windows, and bumpers. They will not damage the car’s paint so that you can remove them at any point you like. They are a good option if you want to use your vehicle to advertise your business but don’t necessarily want to get a full car wrap.


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