The holidays are coming up, and that means it’s time to start your holiday marketing campaigns. There are a lot of different parts to most holiday marketing plans, including custom decals and stickers. Do you have stickers in your marketing strategy? If not, should you? Yes! There are a number of ways using stickers and decals can be a great way of kicking off your holiday season. Here are some strategies involving custom stickers that you can use to boost your sales in the coming months.

Use Custom Decals to Promote Products

Stickers are a very easy way of branding your products. All you have to do is stick one on the product’s packaging. You can do this any time of the year, but in the weeks and months leading up to the holidays, there are a few ways you can use stickers to help drive sales. One strategy is to remind people that the holidays are coming up. You can pick a week or weekend for this strategy. Make some stickers that say “X more shopping weeks until December” or something similar and have employees stick them on a customer’s bag or receipt. This can help inspire customers to start their holiday shopping early.

Another option is to create stickers that say something like “Great gift idea for your (spouse/mom/dad/daughter/etc). This can help get certain products more attention and improve their sales. If you have specific holiday products, these stickers can make them more visible. 

For products that are only available during the holiday season, you might try stickers that say something like “available for a limited time” or “special holiday 2022 product.” Saying something may not always be available can make FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out, kick in. Studies have shown that customers are more motivated to buy something if they’re told it may not be available later.

Put Holiday-Related Branded Stickers on Bags or Packaging

This is a more subtle way of reminding people that the holidays are coming. If you use paper bags, stick a branded sticker with some holiday images or colors on it before giving it to the customer. While this may not say how many days there are before the shopping season is over, the holiday images will remind people that they should start preparing. It’s also a good way to get your brand on plain bags. You may want to create branded stickers for your bags to use throughout the year and swap in holiday ones during the fall.

You can also add these custom stickers to your own packaging. This is ideal for businesses that make their own products. For example, bakeries could seal cake boxes with holiday-themed stickers or put one on the wrapping of a cookie. Sandwich shops could also seal clingwrap with stickers. Just be sure whatever you’re putting a sticker on doesn’t cover informative parts of the packaging. 

Add Information About Ordering Stickers

Another way you can help push products or services during the holidays is to remind people when the final day to order custom items or food is. Bakeries may need to have the final orders for holiday cakes or cookies in by a specific date so they have enough time to prepare them all. Those who are creating customized products may have a deadline for orders so they can complete the products and get them mailed out or picked up before the holidays. 

You can put this final date on your stickers so people know when they need to get their orders in. While you can put these stickers on bags, you may also want to put them on receipts, order forms, and other items customers might take home with them. It can be easy for customers to forget, and then you may have people trying to get you to bend the rules for them. To avoid this, do everything possible to make certain people know the deadline.

Give Out Fun Stickers to Kids

You don’t have to make stickers to use on your products and bags. You can design some fun stickers to hand out to kids and other customers during the holiday season. These stickers should actually focus more on the images than on your brand, although you certainly do want your logo or company name on the sticker. The goal with these stickers is for people to stick them on their own stuff and advertise for you. Drop a couple in each bag you hand out and have some stacked by the register for people to take with them.

Another good way of using stickers like this to advertise is to make them into labels for gifts. “A special gift to _____ from _____ with help from (your business)” can be a great way of bringing your brand into the discussion at gift exchanges. You can have employees drop a few of these into each bag so people have them. If you offer gift wrapping, obviously add one of these to every gift. You could also have some available for shoppers to take home with them.

Add Stickers to Mailers

If you have mailers prepared to send out during the holidays, it might seem a little redundant to add stickers. After all, you may have already designed them with a holiday theme. However, adding a sticker to these mailers can actually be helpful because it will stand out. Stickers have a different finish than the mailer will have, plus they will stick out just a bit. This helps draw attention to them, which can help drive home whatever marketing message you have on the sticker.

Add Holiday-Related Decals to Your Business Vehicles

If you make deliveries or have company vehicles that your team uses daily, adding a holiday-themed decal to them can help promote your holiday products and services. These decals aren’t permanent, so they can easily be removed after the holidays. Anything you can print on a sticker, you can print on a car decal. You may not want to swap out these decals multiple times a year, so you may need to avoid adding information related to countdowns. However, deadlines can be very effective on vehicle decals. For example, a florist might want to add a decal with the last day to order holiday flowers for delivery to the side of their van. 

Tips for Creating Amazing Holiday Stickers

Now that you have an idea of how you can use these stickers, how do you create them? Here are a few tips for designing great holiday stickers.

First, be sure your brand is the focus of the sticker. While you do want to add holiday images and accents, the main goal here is to advertise your company. Your company name or logo should stand out among the candy canes, wreathes, and Santa faces.

Second, don’t go overboard with the holiday details. You don’t need to add multiple poorly designed clipart images to get the point across. One or two small, basic images should be enough. Putting a red and green border around your company name may be all you need to do.

Third, try to avoid specific dates and years where possible. You may need to do this if you’re doing a countdown to the holidays or advertising a limited product. The only downside is that these stickers don’t really have any use next year, so whatever you have left over will likely end up in the trash. If you don’t put a specific date on the stickers, you can use whatever is left over next year. 

Fourth, don’t overload the customer with information. Stickers are typically fairly small, so you don’t want to cram so much text on there that it’s hard to read. Try to keep things as simple as you possibly can, and make sure the font is large enough to be easily readable. A sticker doesn’t do any good if people can read what it says.

Need Help Designing Your Stickers?

Ready to make use of stickers to help kickstart your holiday season but aren’t sure what kind of design you need? The team here at TNT Signs can help you with every step of the process. We can assist you in designing the perfect stickers, or we can take the design you’ve already done and print it. We have multiple sticker options and can print your stickers and decals in multiple sizes, colors, and shapes. Whether you want something fairly basic or would like a giant sticker to put on the wall, we can help.

Of course, TNT Signs does more than just print stickers. We offer a full range of custom marketing materials. We can print custom signs and banners, vehicle wraps, and even POP displays and other materials. We can create a full run of these products that all work together to create a cohesive look and feel for your business. 

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