Banner printing is an exceptional marketing concept and it is perhaps the most cost-efficient way to promote your business in the real world. Vinyl banners give you incredible flexibility in the way that you represent your brand. Everything from the design and size of your banner to its placement is totally in your control.

Vinyl banners work equally well indoors and outdoors and can be used to improve the branding appeal of your storefront or your next trade show exhibition. The aim in all cases is putting your brand in the best light possible.

The durable construction of vinyl banners – made from extremely strong PVC – and the ease of installation – simply hang your banner up using the banner’s grommets – together mean that there are few if any limits of where you can position your banner to bring in the most customers.

Banner Printing and the Process of Designing Your Own Banner

Banner Printing

Some small business owners are are needlessly intimidated when they hear that vinyl banners will allow them to bring their brand to life. How does it work? Don’t you need to know a lot about computers and graphic design to even get started?

The truth is that hundreds of Santa Rosa businesses have already collaborated on their own vinyl banner designs. It works like this: You’ll first contact a print shop and get in touch with a graphic designer. From there, most clients submit a digital print that puts their brand front and center.

If you’re not sure what your banner should look like, then you shouldn’t sweat it since a graphic designer can help you round your branding message into form. The main thing that you have to do is indicate what you’re looking for, how big you envision your vinyl banner being, and what kind of graphics you’d like to use.

The print shop and its graphic designers will let you know what kinds of inks will work best given your preferences. The three most common types of inks for digital printing on vinyl banners are water-based inks, solvent-based inks, and UV-curable inkjet inks (very popular because they combine vibrancy with durability).

Once you’ve agreed on the branding and type of vinyl banner that you’re after, the vinyl material of your choice is loaded into a specialty printer, which is told to transfer a digital file with very high fidelity onto the substrate of your choice.

Vinyl Banners Can Handle the Heat

You can have your message printed on both sides of your vinyl banner so that you simply need to flip the banner around and hang it from the same set of grommets to, for instance, get the word out about an upcoming holiday sale or convey to your customers that your seasonal hours are changing.

Waterproof solvent inks can be used to breathe life to your custom graphics in a way that few other forms of affordable outdoor advertising can rival. These kinds of inks are coupled with a durable vinyl substrate mean that your message won’t get watered down or start to run because of rain or heavy winds.

A hem sown into your vinyl banner gives it extra protection against heavy winds. Banners that don’t come with a sown-in hem can fray at the seams and literally be reduced to ribbons when mother nature winds back and throws a curveball. By tucking the corners behind the back of your vinyl banner and sowing a seam into place you’re getting that much more protection.

A single vinyl banner can be up to eight feet long and as heavy as 22 ounces per square yard. A sown-in hem and aluminum grommets mean that your vinyl banner won’t wither under pressure. Contact us for more information.