Global climate change is a serious issue… but so is the regular changing of the seasons. When you’re looking for a good material to make your banners out of, don’t forget that vinyl is great stuff. Try investing in vinyl banners and increase you brand awareness.

A Unique Material

vinyl banners

Vinyl has a rich history and a lot of fun facts associated with it. Well, most of those facts are about as fun as crime procedurals, but can be good for stretching your mental muscles. Long story short, vinyl is made out of a combination of natural gas that’s heavily processed and chlorine, which comes out of ordinary salt water. Even as the climate changes, oil prices and availability don’t have as much of an impact on vinyl pricing or availability as oil has on most forms of plastic. Long story short, your banners can wave proudly even if you have to order new banners later on, as your business expands.

Out in the Cold

Vinyl has been tested for decades to see how well it holds up against the cold. Even in arctic conditions, vinyl can be used successfully to do a bunch of things well, including making banners that hold up to Mother Nature’s scrutiny. If you’re ever worried about the cold of the winter and whether your vinyl banners are going to freeze up when the going gets tough, keep in mind that this same material has been tried and tested under hellishly cold conditions — with the Arctic Circle being like the Norse version of hell — and come out strong on the other side. You have nothing to worry about in California winters, at least as far as your banners go.

Water, Water Everywhere

Like with most plastics, vinyl is a strong material against the water. With part of its material makeup coming from seawater and the other part being hydrophobic and oil-based, vinyl can tolerate a huge amount of moisture. With your banners being made out of vinyl, they can endure as much water as you want to throw at them. If it rains, snows, sleets, hails or you put vinyl banners on a boat to take on the water, your banners will be fine. As the climate changes and the wet times come, your vinyl banners will stay strong.

The Seasons Changing

When the seasons change, you can use vinyl banners in the same way you used them during ideal conditions. No matter if it’s the blazingly hot summer, the more temperate spring or fall, or the iciest of winters, your vinyl banners are going to stay the course. This is why vinyl is the best material for spreading your message and getting the word out about your business. With your marketing materials being made out of something so durable and resistant, you don’t have to worry about whether they’ll hold up. You have a lot more to focus on, and you’ll be free to do so when you trust your signage to vinyl.

Organizing Your Signs

Your banner signs can go a lot of places, but you need to put plenty of thought into them. When you’re thought out your design, you might want some help making it real. At the very least, getting everything printed up economically by people who are in the know will help you spend your time wisely. You have a business to run, and trying to do it all yourself just won’t work. When you’re ready to take your banners to the next level, contact us and start taking your design and printing legit. When you outsource to the right people, you can get a lot more awesome things done. Contact us for more information.