While individuals might want to wrap their car for purely aesthetic reasons, business owners may want to use a custom car wrap for business purposes. There are a number of ways that having a wrapped van, truck, or other vehicle can help market a company, regardless of what industry the company is in. The cost to wrap a car is often less than what you might spend in other forms of marketing, but you can get a good return on that investment. Here are some of the ways a custom car wrap can make your vehicle stand out and build your business’s reputation.


A Car Wrap Makes Your Vehicle Unique

If you have a custom car wrap done with your own unique logo, graphics, and business name, there will be no other vehicle like it. People will always be able to recognize your vehicle because it will stand out. This is great for any vehicle, but it can be especially useful for businesses that use standard white cargo vans or trucks. These vehicles often have little to distinguish themselves from each other. Even similar makes and models tend to look alike, especially to people who don’t pay much attention to cars in general.

However, if you have a vehicle wrap put on one of these bland vans or trucks, it transforms its entire look and feel. Now that plain white cargo van is a brilliant color with your company logo on it. It stands out, and people will take note of it. If you had your name and phone number on a plain vehicle, people might not remember it. If you have that information on the side of a truck that includes a unique graphic, though, it becomes much more memorable.


Car Wraps Can Be Customized for Your Business

Wrapping your car in a solid color doesn’t do much more than provide a more affordable alternative to a new paint job. However, working with an experienced wrapping service to create a unique wrap will do much more than change the vehicle’s look. You don’t have to choose between available wrap options—you can create your own. Before you vinyl wrap a car, you want to sit down and determine exactly what you want to achieve with the wrap.

You can put just about anything you want on your car wrap, though you should likely avoid anything obscene or that may discourage people from shopping with you. You do want to make your design fit with your overall store aesthetic and with your marketing plans, though. This means if you use the color green in your logo, you may want to incorporate it heavily into the wrap design.

You should also consider what will make your vehicle stand out to your customers. If you own a store that primarily sells Japanese anime and comics, for example, you will want to incorporate graphics and visuals that connect with those products. In this case, your anime car wrap in Sonoma County should include a distinct visual connection to anime. If you own a vet, however, you will likely want to incorporate animals into your car wrap.


They Lend Authority to Your DriversCustom Car Wraps Can Help Verify Who Your Employees Are To Customers

In today’s world of scams and home invasions, many people are cautious when opening the door to someone they don’t know. If your business involves making deliveries to customers’ homes, you want to make certain your delivery staff can be identified. Using a wrapped vehicle is one way of doing this. Using a delivery vehicle with your company name, logo, and phone number will help put your customers at ease. They can immediately see that the delivery is coming from your business. They can also call the number on the vehicle to check with someone at your store if they want to verify that they have a delivery coming.

In addition to putting customers at ease, your vinyl car wrap will also let the neighbors know that you are making a legitimate delivery. This is especially helpful if the customer is not at home. Neighbors will know that you are associated with a business and are not someone attempting to break in. Many people are wary of unmarked cargo vans because they are indistinct. Wrapping a vehicle makes it more memorable, which helps show people that your delivery drivers can be trusted.


Wraps Turn Your Vehicle into a Mobile Billboard

Your vehicle will certainly stand out when it’s essentially turned into a mobile billboard. Wrapping your car can be a major boost for your marketing. In fact, that’s how you need to think of it when you’re designing the car wrap. You want your vehicle to advertise your business. Many of the same principles that go into designing a billboard, banner, or even a postcard should be used here. You want the final look to look good, reflect your business, and provide potential customers with easy-to-digest information.

When you vinyl wrap a car, you want to keep in mind that people need to be able to easily understand the message you want to send. Like a billboard, some people will see your car while they are driving. They don’t have time to safely look at your vehicle to decipher any information. Often, they only get a quick glimpse of it. This means the information presented on the wrap needs to be very clear, just like on a billboard. You don’t want the graphics to be so cluttered that it’s difficult to find your company name or contact information. However, you still want the wrap to convey what your business does. It can be a difficult balance, but a great graphic designer and marketing team can craft the perfect design.

As far as effectiveness goes, using a vinyl wrap in Santa Rosa can do much more for you than investing in a traditional billboard. Your vehicle will advertise for you wherever you park it. This is considered a type of non-aggressive advertising because you aren’t requiring your customers to do anything. In fact, you don’t even interact with them. Instead, potential customers see your vehicle and decide if they want to reach out to you or not. This form of advertising can be very effective because potential customers don’t feel as if they are being pushed to buy your products.


You Don’t Have to Wrap the Full Vehicle to Stand Out

While a full car wrap will certainly get people’s attention, it’s not always necessary. In fact, if you have a large fleet of vehicles and you want to wrap all of them, doing full wraps on each one can quickly add up. Instead, consider doing partial wraps. In addition to being a more budget-friendly option, partial wraps are also just as effective at getting attention.

In fact, in some cases, a partial vehicle wrap can be more effective. Full wraps are attention-grabbing, but they can also be very busy and contain a lot of colors, images, and information. Someone who is driving may not be able to fully take in everything on the vehicle. A partial wrap, on the other hand, allows you to focus on just the important pieces of information. You can still make it colorful and unique, but there’s less risk of the important information being lost.

Your partial cover can act similarly to a large vehicle decal. You may want to wrap just the back of your delivery van or truck’s tailgate so that drivers behind you can see your company name and contact information. You may also want to put a partial wrap on the sides of the vehicle or even on the hood. These partial wraps can be designed to work with the vehicle’s color, and many have transparent sections.


Design and Application Will Make Your Vehicle Look Amazing

There are two key factors to using a car wrap. The first is the design. As mentioned earlier, you need to create a design for your custom car wrap that will catch people’s eyes while also conveying information about your company that is easy to see and read. This doesn’t mean your design has to be boring. However, you do want to make certain the design isn’t so busy that key information, such as your company name, phone number, or website, gets lost.

The second key is in the application. It’s possible to have a vehicle wrap put on incorrectly. This can result in gaps or wrinkles. This is why it’s so important that you work with a reputable team. TNT Signs and Graphics has years of experience in creating and applying vehicle wraps. We will ensure that your vehicle looks good. We use high-quality materials as well, so the vinyl will not easily tear or fade, even if you routinely park your vehicle in direct sunlight.

Using a full or partial vehicle wrap is a great way of getting your company name in front of more people. If you would like to learn more about the process or your wrap options, contact TNT Signs today.



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