No matter which way you slice it, custom car signs are the gift that you can give your business that keeps on giving. Custom car signs Santa Rosa are affordable, durable, and advertising powerhouses, and they’re a great way to expand your outreach while making your company more relatable and authoritative to customers. 

Affordability, Durability, and Huge Advertising Potential 

Technician Applying brown vinyl to white vehicleOf course, these three things are related in that you can get the most bang for your buck in terms of advertising collateral if the medium on which your brand goes is built to last. That’s definitely the case with custom car signs. 

Car signs are made from an extremely weather-resistant kind of vinyl and designed to adhere to flat or curved car surfaces for five years or more under normal driving conditions.

You can get custom car signs as clear (i.e., opaque) or white decals and choose the orientation (i.e., horizontal or vertical) that fits your ride.

Many business owners are also checking out magnetic car signs because they’re essentially equally affordable and offer even more versatility. Both vinyl-adhesive custom car signs and magnetic car signs can be used as powerful advertising tools when affixed to your vehicle’s side panels. 

Custom car signs car for cars, vans, and trucks and can be adhered to a variety of different surfaces – e.g., side panels, bumpers, and even on the rear window as long as the custom car sign in question is a perforated car window decal and installed correctly with a solution composed of equal parts ammonia/alcohol/water and squeegee. 

Improved Brand Awareness, Community Trust, and Authority 

Vinyl-adhesive custom car signs and especially magnetic custom car signs are even simpler to install.

By getting your custom car signs Santa Rosa up and running as quickly as possible, you’ll start reaping the benefits of increased brand awareness and more trust in the community as a byproduct of getting more well-established in the community. 

Here’s the thing to realize from the jump – trust and authority often go hand-in-hand with customers. If you can establish a sense of authority with customers for the services you provide, then they’ll trust you to keep delivering in the future. It all starts with getting your name out there and establishing credibility with customers.

There’s a kind of social proof in customers seeing your sign every day as it makes the rounds on your delivery fleet vehicles or company car. In effect, your custom car signs are saying that, “other customers use and trust our services, and our company is an authority that you can trust!”

Putting your contact info (online social media handles, address, email, and/or telephone number) and logo on your custom car signs, additionally, lets customers stay in touch more easily and provides more of an open-door policy when it comes to leaving reviews and feedback online or fulfilling orders.

Designing Your Car Signs Santa Rosa 

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is make sure that your company logo and text is part of a vector, as opposed to raster, file. Vector? Raster? What is this of which you speak? No worries, in short – vector files are basically easier for you to resize since they’re made of – you guessed it – vector graphics.

These vector graphics are made of mathematical curves that can be sized up or down without losing clarity, as raster graphics might because raster graphics and raster files are made of pixels.

You can get that pixillated look if you get too cute with raster files. Vector files – e.g., AI, EPS, and PDF – are different and actually ideal for custom car signs Santa Rosa. Make sure any text you include in your file is legible (e.g., sans serif font) and starkly contrasted against your background. 

If your logo is already in vector file format and you know what you want to say to your customers with your custom car signs, then what are you waiting for? Contact us, and get started today designing, creating, and employing your custom car signs Santa Rosa for greater trust, authority, views, traffic, and sales!