Finding the perfect banner often depends on the job you have ahead. It’s anything but one size fits all, though you can find a vinyl banner at just about any size and with anything on it! As you’ll see, some banners are mainly for the outdoors (mesh), some indoor and outdoor (vinyl), and others highly portable and meant for spicing up indoor trade shows and conferences (retractable banners).

Mesh Banners for the Great Outdoors

Mesh banners are a great option if you’re looking to bring your logo out to the public and possibly leave your banner affixed to a wall or fence.

These kinds of banners are made from a polyester weave that makes them incredibly durable over time. Mesh banners allow the wind to go right through them without losing a beat.

How about for something like a trade show where you want the vibrant color of a vinyl banner and the portability and convenience of something like a 3-way presentation board?

(You remember those things from your middle school science projects, right?)

Retractable Banners for Presentations

Retractable Banners

For that kind of occasion you’re probably going to want to consider a retractable banner. In terms of versatility, ease of use, and portability these are really second to none and they still allow you to put your best foot forward professionally.

  • Same Vibrant Color

Retractable banners are vinyl banners too. You can think of it this way – most retractable banners are vinyl banners but not all vinyl banners are retractable.

Instead of using grommets and pole pockets you can reap all of the benefits of vinyl banners with retractable banners that gently unfurl to showcase your message.

  • Even More Convenience

Retractable banners can be set up in literally seconds and require no special tools. Retractable banners come with a stand and case to make transportation and setup super convenient.

Some people call retractable banners “pop-up banners” because of how easy they are to get going. It’s really almost as if they pop up all of a sudden. Someone can take a walk around a trade show, come back to your booth, and see a complete transformation.

Retractable banners work at trade shows, fairs, product launches, and internal meetings.

There’s something to be said for having a tangible presentation in front of the group even if it’s being used to supplement a PowerPoint presentation or speech. Just having your logo, a new product vibrantly depicted, and a few quick points can keep everyone on track.

  • Convenient and Practical

Vinyl banner printing makes this all possible. At a conference or trade show a retractable banner can be used to quickly convey information as well, like who the speakers for the event are going to be or where everyone needs to be at certain times.

Since retractable banners are so affordable and easy to set up many businesses choose to place retractable vinyl banners strategically around the room at a conference to clue people in to what’s going on at particular locations. It couldn’t get much easier than that for your audience.

Another nice thing about vinyl banners that you might not realize until you start using them is that they take up virtually no space…certainly not much depth. They can lie flush with the wall so that you can convey everything you need without impeding foot traffic.

All Banners are Customizable

For big, bold, and beautiful prints there’s nothing quite like a vinyl banner. These are indoor and outdoor and can be ten feet or more across. For portability and convenience, though, retractable banners give you a customized look that can’t be beat. Contact us for more information.