Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps and truck decals are at their most effective when the message is immediate and the colors are big and bold. That’s what vinyl wraps are good at.

Your customers only have, at most, a few seconds to take in your message, so why clutter it all up with a lot of text and hard-to-decipher advertising copy. It’s best to be short and sweet.

Go with a vehicle wrap that highlights your branding message in eye-catching colors and don’t get bogged down in a lot of text. Your logo, a colorful design, your social media handle, and your phone number are probably all that you need to get started.

Your vehicle wrap and truck decals needs to connect with customers in a few seconds. Your brand, the message, and the colors need to be unmissable…without being annoying.

Vehicle Wrap and Truck Decal Preparedness

Size Your Vehicle and Take Pictures

Truck decals and car decals can go just about anywhere and shouldn’t require too much in the way of custom fitting around bumpers, rivets, curves, and handles. Car wraps are a different beast and benefit from getting the size just right the first time out.

Taking photos from all around the vehicle that you’re considering putting a car wrap on can let you know how well the design you’re considering will work.

There’s digital design software out there that can let you overlay your design on your own uploaded pictures so that you won’t be guessing when it comes to matching up your design with a new car wrap. Direct shots work best – avoid taking too many shots at any angle.

Get an Accurate Template for Your Vehicle

What’s going to be really important when it comes time to stretch and apply your car wrap are any protruding parts or big curves. Most fleet vans or pickup trucks don’t really have this problem and the only thing that you’ll have to contend with for the most part are body breaks for a pickup cab, trim, or door seams.

The graphic design programs used by vehicle wrap specialists allow them to use the dimensions of your vehicle from direct shots to create a template that should fit like a glove. The aim is to get as close as possible to having something that’s print ready.

When you go with a professional you can have the mock-up of your branding design quickly applied to template files on the graphic design programs that the vehicle wrap specialists have on hand. That’s nice for getting a quick turnaround to determine whether your design is a good match for your vehicle.

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are two programs that might be used. These programs make it super easy to apply your design ideas to templates in the program.

When using these programs to create car wraps or truck decals you’ll get a really good idea for whether a design will work or not. Car wrap specialists will add layers and sub-layers to each graphic and add bleed in Photoshop to account for wraparounds, stretching, and a firm grip to your vehicle.

Receive a Mock-up for Your Car Wrap

These days you can get a digital psd. file showing what your vehicle will look like once it has a car wrap or truck decal on it. Sending over the raw photos that you’ve taken of your vehicle can actually be helpful for vehicle wrap specialists.

If there’s an issue with fitting having a digital file of the raw photo can allow a printer to make quick adjustments. A few direct photos and some branding are all you need to get started!  Contact us for more information.