Marketing should be flexible, creative, eye-catching, and offer heavy return on investment. That’s why so many companies are attracted to inbound marketing – you can leave up a blog, video or other piece of content marketing up for as long as you like and continue to attract customers.

70,000 Reasons to Get Vinyl Car Wraps

Car Wraps

A similar process is at work with vinyl car wraps. You’ll be able to customize the text, logo, and message to fit your company’s direction, and your initial investment in a car wrap will continue to attract local customers for years on end.

Vinyl car wraps are undoubtedly colorful and eye-catching, yet they also have the durability to survive nasty weather and deliver extended ROI.

Car wraps can provide protection for the OEM paint on your fleet’s vehicles and generate up to 70,000 ad impressions every single day. That’s potentially a half-million weekly views in a populated area like Santa Rosa. Even more impressively, advertising with car wraps on your fleet’s vehicles enhances name recognition by 15 times compared to other forms of advertising.

Increase Brand Recognition

The average American drives over 300 miles in their car every week, and that means a lot of opportunities to take in your company’s message. It’s only natural for your eyes to wander to a colorful car wrap at stoplights or while driving on the highway.

Whether at a total standstill in a parking lot or while your fleet makes trips around town, people will be forced to take notice of your brand.

Even if folks are on the go and in too much of a hurry to read your message, they’ll still get a flavor for your brand’s logo. That increases brand recognition.

That means that the next time a potential customer sees your logo, they’re far more likely to remember it. Striking visuals alone are a pretty powerful thing – we associate red and white with Coca Cola and green and black with Gatorade.

Announce Product Launches

Vehicle wraps are much more flexible than you might expect. You can choose a full or partial vehicle wrap or simply feature vinyl graphics and lettering on the side of some or all of your fleet’s vehicles.

Because car wraps are becoming more affordable and resilient by the year, you might also want to consider using vehicle wraps to broadcast your newest products or an upcoming event.

Your car wraps can feature promotional codes redeemable online or in-store. That’s a great way to enhance your online sales and get customers to book an appointment online or peruse more of your products and services.

At the very least, a car wrap will let customers know how they can stay in touch since most car wraps feature your telephone number or your company’s website address.

Get Astounding ROI

Considering the cost per ad impression as well, car wraps are really hard to beat. The latest research shows that a thirty-second prime time television ad is around $20 per one thousand impressions. Even a billboard ad is still over $2 per thousand ad impressions.

So, where do you think car wraps come in at? Car wraps are an amazing value at less than a dollar per thousand impressions ($0.77), which means you could reach literally millions of new customers with the same wrap.

Vehicle wraps send your brand all over town and help protect the investment in your fleet’s vehicles. Reach out to us at TNT Signs and Graphics Inc.  Let us help you get the most out of product launches and let customers know how they can stay in touch. Real-world advertising is still vitally important to the success of your business. Contact us for more information.