Custom Signs Santa Rosa - KISSAlthough it’s been researched but not absolute, signs have been dated back as early as the fourteenth century BC.  But undoubtedly they’ve been the means of bringing the customer and business together in the exchange of values conducive to both parties…in other words the grocery store found the way to let the locals know where to buy milk.

So this has been going on for millenniums…finding a way to let people know you’re in business…who you are and what you do.  And it was relatively much more simple back then too…a carved out piece of wood to look like a ham would signify a butcher / meat monger…while a bundle of grapevine leaves hanging on a chain on the outside wall let locals know that there was wine inside.

Custom Signs Santa Rosa

Today, local businesses really do the same thing to achieve the same goals…letting the locals know what’s going on inside…yet with all the types of custom signs out there…LIGHTED SIGNS…DIRECTORIES…BANNERS…A-FRAMES…VINYL …and so on…the question now is how clear is your message to the locals…?

My father was an advertiser and a publisher in Hawaii and with that he also had a very successful fishing business where he would take tourists out on  DEEP SEA FISHING charters for the game fish that are indigenous to the Hawaiian waters.  I remember him telling me many years back,  of what he thought brought a significant portion of his success in attracting business.  When tourist were looking for a charter there were many different “lures” (no pun intended) and means of reaching out for their business… with clever sayings and even just building up the name of the particular boat.  But my Dad basically put up DEEP SEA FISHING…that was his lure…tourists were looking to go DEEP SEA FISHING…simple enough.

USED CARS…DINER…DEEP SEA FISHING really says it all…it worked then and it really works now.  Whether it’s the name of the business or conveying something the business wants to say, keeping it simple can be a kind of redeeming.