Custom car decals have quickly become the most efficient yet fun form of mobile advertising largely because of the fact that these things get noticed…a lot. 

The main types of custom car decals are transfer, adhesive, and clear but you can get vinyl lettering as well.

Vinyl Lettering and Custom Car Decals 

Custom Car Decals

Vinyl lettering is a great way to advertise your business on the side of your vehicle or let customers know about your store hours and the best way for them to stay in contact. 

Custom decals let you control the font, style, size, and shape of any design that you can think up. More so than perhaps any form of advertising, you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to custom car decals. 

And custom car decals will go the full 15 rounds for you since they’re constructed from resilient vinyl, which protects the sticker from degrading in quality due to wind, rain, scratching, water damage, or sun damage. 

How to Install 

The only thing that you have to do to kick off this whole process is remove the paper backing, place the sticker where you would like it on your vehicle, rub it into place, then gradually pull the transfer tape away. 

When you’re removing your custom car decals from your vehicle it’s best to pull off the transfer tape at close to a 180-degree angle. Don’t worry if you can’t get your hand perfectly parallel with your vehicle’s surface as you’re pulling away the transfer tape.

Decal makers just tell you to pull the transfer tape away like this so that you don’t end up yanking off the actual car decal when you remove the transfer tape.

Flexible Options Without the Annoying Drawbacks 

The nice thing about installing your custom car decals in this way is that you can easily peel the decal off of your vehicle without leaving any annoying residue or causing damage to your car when you’re ready to take on a new advertising direction. 

Custom car decals give you that kind of flexibility. Clear car decals and vinyl lettering can go on the side of your vehicle to advertise your business or on the back of your car, truck, or van to get the word out about an organization you’re a part of or an honor roll student. 

A lot of folks think that car decals with a clear backing is where the discussion ends, but you can find plenty of custom car decals that have a background. The best part is that you can pick the color and size of your background to match your personal style sense and branding direction. 

Opaque and Perforated Custom Car Decals 

Opaque custom car decals and perforated car decals can be mounted onto your vehicle’s windows to give it more flair. Whereas opaque custom car decals might actually block out the view, perforated custom car decals are really cool in that they let you see out but nobody else see in. 

Perforated car decals come in a variety of degrees of perforation. Technically, this is called “micropuncturing” in the sense that more tiny holes made throughout the vinyl perforated decal would be said to have more micropuncturing. 

Here too your options are pretty infinite in the sense that you can use perforated decals for storefront displays or car windows so that you can see out but other people can’t see in. 

The special lamination that perforated car decals undergo also keeps grime from blocking the view. Get more privacy and shading, brand your business, and keep the great view with perforated custom car decals. Contact us for more information.