In the advertising world you’re looking to get the best blend of visibility, customization, and affordability. Decals for cars give you all three in spades.

In fact, many businesses have started handing out decals for cars instead of business cards at trade shows and in their shops and showrooms because decals for cars are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Ordering a bunch of car and truck decals make sense from an economic perspective too since the more you order the more that you wind up saving.

Handing out stickers when your business is trying to expand or slipping decals into your next mailing is a surefire way to increase your brand visibility and community engagement.

Decals for Cars that Truly Engage 

Decals for Cars

When advertising experts are asked to sum up the best advertisements, they came up with seven qualities of a good ad: simple, engaging, suggestive, convincing, educational, memorable, and true.

  • Engage with More Smartphone Users

Try adding QR codes to your decals and graphics so that folks in your area can scan the code and be linked back to your website for special offers or discounts on upcoming sales. It’s a great way to stir up excitement.

The really cool thing about QR codes is that they make an already flexible form of advertising that much more nimble. You can change up the URL attached to the code and have different landing pages to match sales goals.

  • Incorporate Calls to Action and Referrals

To make your decals for cars that much more engaging why not put in a powerful call to action that makes people reach for a pen or, at the very least, make a mental note of your message?

You can make your decals for cars the actual referral mechanism by including a phrase like, “mention this decal and receive 25% off your next in-store order,” which gets people through the door and connects with customers in your community.

When you want to discontinue that promotion, you can easily remove your decals for cars without any gunky residue.

  • Hand out the Swag and Gain Visibility

Having a few stickers and decals for cars near the checkout of your brick-and-mortar store is an awesome idea for a few reasons.

The top being that people who’ve shown that they love your company by making a purchase or setting up an appointment can grab a vinyl decal or three.

A colorful logo and fun brand go a long way towards encouraging customers to pop your stickers and decals on their laptops, notebooks, windows, and their own cars.

If you really want to make an impression, consider handing out vinyl wall decals so that your customers can get inspired every day and stay connected with your company. 

  • Maximize Space and Print on Both Sides 

One of the reasons you were probably attracted to vinyl decals for cars and stickers in the first place is that they maximize space and minimize cost, especially when you buy in bulk. 

Going with double-sided signage, labels, decals for cars, and stickers makes the most sense for small and medium-sized businesses because it allows you to put the same advertising or signage to two different uses – indoors and outdoors. 

These let you get more bang for your buck by allowing you to reinforce the same message inside your store or change things up and have two different messages on the same window decal or reusable static cling. 

You might even consider putting your email or social media handle on the back of your sign so that customers in your store know how to stay connected. Contact us for more information.