Ever since owner of the Tesla Cyber Truck model Elon Musk made his announcement authorizing the custom wrapping of the ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless-steel vehicle, owners have been craving for the new and innovative cyber car wraps available today.

The truck’s stainless steal body make it difficult to paint and car wrapping is the best option for owners of this luxury vehicle. By using any one of 2 types of vehicle wrapping options available today, Tesla Cyber truck owners can boost appearance and enjoy a customized cyber ride.

Types of Wraps Available for Cyber Trucks

  • Partial Vinyl Custom Wrap -Cyber truck owners can opt to have only a portion of their vehicle wrapped.  Wild customized styles are sometimes the preferred choice for self expression and telling a quick story.
  • Full Vinyl Custom Wrap -A full vinyl wrap covers the entire vehicle. This type of vinyl wrap makes a bold statement and covers windows and the body of the vehicle. It gives you more space to express artistic flair when displaying eye-catching graphics.

Benefits of Car Wraps

When the wrapping is removed from your vehicle you’ll be astonished to see the paint remained the same way as the day you first applied the wrap, hence increasing the value of the vehicle.  The protection of your cyber truck’s original paint and the fact that they are 100% removable give car wraps the advantage over paint.  Once properly maintained these wraps last longer than paint and are weather resistant.

multicolored tesla cyber truckTesla Cyber Truck owners can enjoy many styles and designs that are only available in car wraps and not achieved with paint jobs. Vinyl car wraps come in many colors and can have a matte, matte metallic, gloss, semi-gloss, chrome, leather-like, carbon fiber and brushed steel finishes.

The cost for car wraps make them an inexpensive option and is usually based on the complexity of the installation, style and size of wrap and vehicle.

This is How We Do It

The automobile industry has certainly come a long way thanks to the likes of Elon Musk and other innovative tech moguls and geniuses. We at TNT Signs and Graphics want to help all roadsters no matter the model or size reinvent their car graphics.  We closely work with all our clients so as to ensure we get them the exact designs they want and our team will install with precision. Contact us to discuss any car or vehicle graphics project you might have so we can take your graphics to the next level.