It’s a fact that there are some small businesses that will never transition to large scale operations simply because its not in their nature.  Many of these companies operate to serve local communities and are comfortable to reap just enough profit to take care of owners and operations.

professional baker holding pastries in basket while standing in front white vanUS small businesses employ 47.5% of the country’s private workforce making them a major stakeholder. Advertising firms are busy creating strategic marketing initiatives that help these businesses thrive, and marketing professionals who work closely with these companies will tell you that there are several contributing factors which influence decision making.

Car Wraps Offer Benefits

Lower revenue and profitability when compared to large companies affect the marketing budgets of many small companies.  Even though there is lower revenue there could be a case of higher profitability simply because small businesses have lower production costs. As a result owners can allocate larger budgets to marketing campaigns aimed at advertising with car wraps.

Small businesses operate with fewer than 100 employees and serve a much smaller area and can use vehicle wraps to get their messages across to several audiences. In Santa Rosa there are several small businesses that benefit from car wrap marketing campaigns.

Solo professionals and entrepreneurs often only have one company vehicle and quite often drive the same vehicle for personal use. This frequent activity can maximize exposure hence making vehicle wraps the perfect solution for micro and small businesses.

Types of small businesses:

Partial or full wraps are available in all styles and colors making them an excellent choice for the wide range of diverse professionals we currently serve. The cost of a vehicle wrap project highly depends on the size of the wrap and vehicle. You can bring your vehicle in for assessment and receive a quote for any vehicle wrap installation you require.

Car wraps are designed using the latest technology and quality materials that protect your vehicle’s exterior paint. Vehicle wraps are safe, easy to install and remove without causing vehicular damage. TNT Signs and Graphics take pride in offering the best car wrap installations and at the same time seek to help businesses increase sales and revenue.

Make it happen with vehicle wraps post Covid-19 as several cities and towns brace for slow yet steady reopenings. You’ll be surprised to see the many people that are happy to see you on the move again.  Contact us and let us design and install your company’s next money magnet.