You may be thinking of revamping your brand and wondering how to go about it. Vinyl car wraps are a great way of reaching out to new customers. In the past, car owners were obsessed with painting their cars, but vinyl wraps have gained currency as a cheaper alternative. Car wraps are a great way of protecting the surface of your car from scratches and tears that create ugly marks on the painting while marketing your business. A marketing car wrap is a vinyl that is printed in your business colors or brand name and covers parts or the whole vehicle.

Vinyl Car Wraps

How To Put Vinyl Wraps On Your Car

The first step is to get a sticker company such as Sign Servant to develop the wrap for you. We have several templates you can use, but we also create bespoke stickers for our customers. We design a sticker that is catchy and easy for people to read. Next, we install the wrap on your vehicle.

A typical advertising vinyl sticker takes only a few hours to install though the whole process of sticker design and installation can take up to 3 days. Wrap designs that utilize graphics and customized colors may involve the use of multiple vinyl layers and take more time to install. Whole car wraps may take several days. The price of the car wrap depends on the quality, size of the car, and the complexity of the installation process. The price ranges between $2000 and $5000 for whole car wraps and $300-500 for stickers.

Wrapping preserves the integrity of the original paint used on your car by protecting it from the elements. It is a good way of preserving the value of your car. Vinyl wrap cars are easy to maintain as all you need is wipe the surface with a wet cloth once in a while. A typical car wrap lasts anywhere between 2 to 10 years depending on the quality of the vinyl and the expertise of the wrapper. You can always remove the wrap if you want to replace it or change the branding message.

Why You Should Advertise with Vinyl Wrap Cars

If you own a small business, car wraps are an inexpensive way of marketing the business by paying car owners to place vinyl stickers bearing your company logo or URL link on their cars. Car decals have a better return on investment than most other marketing channels.  Car decal is a great way of attracting attention to your business because people are more attracted to mobile adverts than static alternatives such as billboards. Your themed car will stand out from the rest, especially if the wrap is installed professionally. Vinyl wrap cars are effective because they target the local market since most of the people who see the sticker come from your target area and possibly know the location of your business.

You can put the wrappers on your business cars or even recruit other car owners to put the stickers on their cars. However, you should be careful when vetting cars to wrap your stickers as you do not want to put your logo on cars that spend most of the time in a garage or parking lot. Select car owners who are on the road most of the time and create a contractual agreement based on the mileage and routes covered.  Most businesses target cab drivers and contractual workers such as plumbers. You can also outsource the process of driver recruitment to reputable car wrap agencies such as Wrapify, Carvertise, and stickerRide. Contact us for more information.