It’s always a good idea to spend your marketing dollars on something that will bring you sales for years to come. A television ad or coupon mailer is just a limited-time campaign, but custom truck decals will continue to make people discover you. When people see your vehicle graphics on a regular basis, you’ll be top-of-mind whenever they might need your product or service.

The beauty of custom truck decals is that you can keep it simple or go all-out with a vehicle wrap. In addition to your phone number and website, putting your custom logo on a truck decal will draw more attention and make you more memorable.

Ideas for Custom Truck Decals

Truck Decals

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to custom truck decals—and if you’re feeling stumped, we can help you brainstorm ideas for turning your name and logo into the perfect vehicle wrap.

Consider different options such as vinyl lettering, die-cut stickers, printed decals, or simply custom bumper stickers. It can be flashy, if you’d like, but it can also be a cut-and-dry way to get your name out there and identify your drivers.

Think about what you want from your custom truck decals for marketing purposes:

  • Large font name and contact info to be seen from a distance
  • Branded company trucks for home service providers so customers know who you are when you arrive
  • Funny slogans to get noticed by other drivers
  • Colorful logos and lettering to act like a billboard wherever your truck is parked
  • Full vehicle wrap to cover up faded paint or scratches on your truck
  • Pickup truck rear window decals
  • A coupon code customers can mention for a discount

Installing Car and Truck Decals

For the best looks and longest-lasting quality, it’s best to have a professional install your truck decals. The surfaces need to be clean and dry, and the positioning has to be just right. A DIY attempt could lead to an un-level appearance that looks amateur. Our team gets everything set up neatly, then we use a gentle heat process to apply the decals.

If you ever want to remove a truck decal, we can also take care of that so that your truck doesn’t have a “tan line” look from where the letters or stickers were!

Our Custom Truck Decals

Whether you want custom graphics for a company car or your own personal vehicle, you want to make sure that it looks sharp, portrays your business and branding correctly, and stays put through bad weather and passing time.

Benefits of our custom truck decals include:

  • Full-color custom graphics
  • Eco-friendly inks
  • Lasts 3 to 6 years
  • Removes easily
  • And expert advice and help to get it right!

Boost your small business marketing efforts with help from the local experts! Contact us to get started with custom truck decals in Santa Rosa, CA.