Businesses select vehicle wraps for various reasons such as presenting a fresh appearance, changing colors and advertising brands. Wraps are removable vinyl sheets displaying designs that completely or partially cover a vehicle. Using a fleet of trucks that function as moving billboards is an effective way to promote a brand across one region or in multiple markets.

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Here are 8 vehicle wrap and care tips to maximize this conversation-starting idea.


1. Consider Cost-Cutting Materials

When deciding on vehicle wraps keep in mind the price will be based on the material, square footage of the vehicle and how the material fits. While chrome is the most expensive wrap material, vinyl matte is among the least expensive and easiest to remove. Another factor that can affect pricing is the complexity of a particular job, such as a customized project with numerous details.

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2. Participate in Design Ideas

You get to be part of the design process of a wrap by determining what you want to display on the vehicle. Your input will help shape and initiate the design process using digital technology, as you may share ideas with design members through email. Once you’ve approved the design they will laminate it to a vinyl substrate followed by the final application process. Check out our gallery for inspiration.

3. Make Marketing Strategy Comparisons

Is a vehicle wrap the best way to promote your brand to your target market? Research often points to vehicle wraps as having more promotional value and cost efficiency than other forms of outdoor marketing. Furthermore, cost per impression (CPI) is usually less for vehicle wraps than traditional forms of advertising such as billboards, television and radio.

4. Decide Your Marketing Strategy

Before investing in a vehicle wrap determine your marketing strategy and its time frame. The strategy may be to use your best-looking vehicle to showcase your brand on regular journeys around town. You may decide to apply wraps to your entire fleet, which can help saturate a market in terms of building brand awareness on a local level. Some companies use wraps for special one-time events, others use them for promotional purposes over a span of many years.

5. Take Care of Your Vehicle

Advertising on a vehicle loses its effectiveness if the vehicle looks old and beat up. So in order for the power of advertising to work, it’s necessary to keep the vehicle in good shape. One of the best and least expensive ways to maintain a vehicle’s shiny appearance is to hand wash it with a non-abrasive sponge, soap and water. It’s important to wash the surface gently to avoid tearing or peeling the vinyl.

6. Protect the Vinyl

With proper care, a vehicle wrap can last up to seven years. Always be handle the vinyl with care even during removal. The vinyl is durable as long as you keep it covered and protected from environmental elements such as severe weather. You should minimize its exposure to UV rays to keep the display from fading.

7. Removing a Wrap

Vehicle wraps are meant to be temporary and eventually must be removed. One of the challenges in removal involves dealing with adhesive residue while aiming to remove as few pieces as possible. Applying heat may help remove the vinyl, but too much heat leaves behind hard-to-remove residue. If the removal process isn’t done carefully, vinyl may tear off in small pieces.

8. How to Maximize Wraps

Flashing your brand name on a vehicle is a powerful way to create brand awareness and associate it with eye-catching imagery. In the world of moving vehicles, the more the design stands out, the more memorable it will be. Remember to include your phone number or other relevant contact information on the wrap, as well as the web address. Large bold type works best for displaying contact information.

One of the artistic techniques that makes a design stand out from far away is to use a contrasting color scheme. Perhaps the most important tip for maximizing a wrap is to make sure the font is easy to read from a distance. The design should be simple and not overshadow the text. The most effective promotional wraps convey a sense of energy that motivates the observer to get involved with the brand. Using a catchy positioning statement that sums up the brand’s image or a certain campaign can help add emotional impact.


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TNT Signs Has Your Business Covered!

Use these tips to make cost-saving moves on vehicle wraps. Not only is this form of promotion effective if you use the right graphics, it cuts marketing costs while extending reach. Moving billboards can be moved around to different areas each day so that over time they are seen throughout the market. Contact us at TNT Signs and Graphics Inc. for more information about how vehicle wraps can help build awareness for your brand.