Only vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics can give your business a certain look. Vehicle wraps let you perfectly customize your brand message and even add graphics to your vehicle wrap to make it stand out from the competition. 

You can think of viny vehicle wraps and large vehicle graphics as huge decals for your car. Vinyl vehicle wraps actually protect your paint job at the same time that they increase your brand awareness with customers in Santa Rosa. But there are still some myths out there…

Myth #1: Vehicle graphics hurt the paint 

Vehicle Graphics

This one is clearly a myth for a couple of reasons. If you’ve test driven a vehicle recently or been in the buying market, you might be aware of the fact that vehicle manufacturers now offer a protective film on the bumpers and hood of vehicles for added protection against rocks and debris. 

The same idea goes for vinyl vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics. When correctly applied, each protects your car’s underlying paint job and should lead to a higher resale value when you go to sell your vehicle because the paint has been better protected. Vinyl vehicle wraps give you host of finishes and graphics to choose from. 

Myth #2: Car wraps cost more than a paint job! 

The second myth that needs to be busted about vehicle wraps concerns price. Many business owners assume that vehicle wraps cost a lot more than a new paint job. A king’s ransom! Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth since car wraps are often much more affordable than a new paint job. 

Vehicle wraps might also be more valuable to your business than a new paint job since a new paint job can’t help you advertise your business and increase your brand awareness like vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics can. 

Myth #3: Vinyl wraps take forever to install 

This one is a myth because vinyl vehicle wraps can usually be installed in one to three days. The turnaround time will obviously depend partially on the size and complexity of the graphics as well as how many vehicles (one versus an entire fleet) you’re looking to have done.

The more crevices, handles, and curves a vehicle has, typically the more complex installation will be.

That said, wraps that provide wall-to-wall coverage (so to speak) on fleet vans are obviously a piece of cake since you’re dealing with a relatively uniform surface without any complex folds. All wraps are inspected before installation to ensure the job is done right the first time. 

Myth #4: Leased vehicles can never be wrapped

Because vehicle wraps are so easy to install and remove, there’s an obvious advantage to leveraging their power to improve your brand awareness. But can vehicle wraps be used with leased cars and vans? You will definitely want to check your lease agreement first, but in many cases the answer is yes! 

Myth #5: Wraps are basically DIY weekend projects 

While vehicle stickers and vinyl decals can be installed in a matter of minutes at home, vehicle wraps are a different story. Wraps requiring professionally training and experience to install correctly because you have to see everything through from design to fairly technical installation. 

Installing a vinyl vehicle wrap requires knowing how to prep the surface of the vehicle, trim and stretch the vehicle wrap, troubleshoot if anything goes wrong, and heat at the right temperature and at the right time. Car wrap professionals in Santa Rosa can help you create and install car wraps for a single vehicle or a whole fleet. Sound exciting? Get in touch today!